The Vastu Interior

In the last article we traversed the premises next to the boundary. Then, approaching the main building, we saw to its location vis-à-vis the ambience, i.e., the spot where it is supposed to "land" within the framework of the periphery. Came next, the status of the various shapes- other than the basic square and rectangular-, which are adopted for the layout. We move ahead.

"Homes" within the house: The interior signifies the space enclosed by the outer walls of the house. Now, this is not like the homogenous mass of plain ice cream brick offering a uniform taste wherever you take a scoop. Instead, it is a concourse, as it were, of a number of "homes" suited to accommodate specified spheres of activities according to their attributes. What goes into the making of this "colony"? Simply, it is a phenomenon of nature created by directional energies. As named earlier these directions are northeast, east, south-east, south, south-west, west, north-west and north. We do not have the liberty of setting up kitchen, lavatory, bedroom etc. just anywhere within the precincts to suit the convenience or diktat of the so-called modern architecture. Not so modern, but matured in antiquity, Vastu is a rising star in the realm of modernity. It recalls to us that, aspected by the geographical directions, every segment of the house comes alive with a status and dignity of its own, the violation whereof is fraught with serious consequences. 






























The diagram alongside illustrates the position of the slots corresponding to the eight directions. The central slot, Brahmasthala, is supposed to be kept vacant and clean to afford free movement or circulation. This is health giving also because it provides the much-needed ventilation for the surrounding areas of intensive activity. 

Details of the slots: We now have to take up the attributes of the eight slots. The study comprises a quick glance on the nature of their receptivity for specified purposes. Finer details, subject- wise, as regards the various requirements in a house, will follow. This will leave nothing to guess. The serial numbers following, correspond to the numbers indicated in the diagram above. 

  1. The north-east: aspected by Eshan, this place holds the monopoly to host all work related to worship and meditation. Additionally, it also admits reception, study and office. 

  2. The east is suited for reception, bath (excluding WC), verandah, drawing room, unmarried son's bed room. 

  3. The south-east belongs to Agni (Fire). It holds the monopoly to host the kitchen which, in any other place, portends serious digestive disorders in the family and overstrain for the cook. Inside, at a safe spot or on the outer wall, it is well advised to have utilities such as electric meter, circuit breakers, inverter, generator etc. 

  4. The south is suited for bed-room (other than Master bed), staircase.

  5. The southwest is suited exclusively for master bedroom.

  6. The west: This suits children's bed room, study, overhead water tank.

  7. The northwest belongs to Vayu (air). This is the best place for a daughter to be married and for guests. It is good also as a washing area. 

  8. The north serves best as a bedroom for a married son. It also suits a living room. 

Going through the eight areas equips us with the awareness of their attributes. We know, then, where these are rigid and where, accommodative. This background comes handy when we go to take up all the items- the various activities- subject wise in every detail. But before we proceed, we have a point, which needs clarification. A confusion may arise in the status of the plot itself as a result of deviation in the axis of the meridian.

The premise detailed above relates to a plot lying with its meridian precisely placed at north south. Not all plots are so well placed. The question arises as to how would the treatment of the subject get affected where a tilt is noticed. To understand this, we can look at an additional diagram, where the parts are the same eight but the division is amenable easily to the altered position. Divide each side into three equal parts and connect the points with the center.

Each of the eight segments subtends an angle of 45 degrees, which is precisely 1/8 of 360. Depending on whether the deviation is clockwise or anticlockwise, the "dial" showing the figures 1 to 8 can be given a corresponding turn. The rest is easy. Overall effect: The effect of the deviation of the axis up to 11.25 degrees can be treated as nil. When it exceeds 15 to 20, the results start getting mixed up. When it is 45 degrees the favorable and unfavorable effects are half and half.


Question : "It was stated that a south facing plot is not good, but in our country we have a big row of south facing homes. The residents therein are happily established for long. Can this be attributed to some countries being exceptions?" 

Answer: It was never stated that south facing plots are baneful and deserve rejection. Only, other things being the same, a north or east-facing plot is more favorably placed than a south or west-facing plot. 

The factors which go to enrich every plot must be taken into account. In the main these are:

  1. Greater open space to the north and the east than that on west and south.

  2. Presence of tall building, hill or tall trees at south. 

  3. Downward slope of the land and the roofs to north or east.

  4. Location of the main gate at the recommended place.

  5. Fixation of the main entrance of the house at east or north.

If a house incorporates the above attributes and additionally, the open spaces and the interiors are utilized for activities as recommended, the residents will naturally be prosperous even if the house faces south.


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