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Foolish Foreign and Mad Military Policies make The US The Prime Catalyst for Proliferation of WMD

The post-Vietnam syndrome has taught the decision makers that the public is intolerant of human casualties. It is no more possible to expect Americans to sacrifice themselves to the cause of a war to end all wars, to fight evil or rally for freedom. The choice for the post-Nixonian presidents was to fight wars by proxy as in Afghanistan. Reagan out of visceral antipathy to communism, rather than any well thought out strategy, used the money belt of the US to collapse the Soviet Union and develop unmatchable technological arms superiority, even though he converted the richest nation in to the largest debtor.

The US has been using all its goodwill and past IOUs to garner support from its allies. It has successfully put Japan and itself, in the mutually assured destruction mode orbits of two neutron stars, where the slightest misjudgment of the next step is sure to result in a catastrophic implosion, where both will be turned into a black hole with no future in time. European allies have shown reluctance, anger and doubts with the exception of the UK, which has been reborn from its past life of an emperor into the reincarnation of a ventriloquist's dummy. Germany is
the new Hamlet and still chants the mantra of to be or not to be and if so what to be. It is rightfully afraid of the demons of its own unconscious and spends greatest efforts on those evils, which lurk within its psyche and periodically erupt to the surface. 

All of the other nations of the European Union worry about illegal economic migrants and have yet to learn to live as multi-ethnic, multi-lingual countries. They are quite unhappy about American policies, but cannot find courage to bell the cat or offend the Emperor by saying, he has no clothes. Furthermore, they are unwilling to rock the boat of Caucasian hegemony in view of the typhoons, hurricanes and tsunamis, which are looming dark on the visible horizons of alien shores. In the meantime, all of these countries with falling populations are dependent on the guest workers of the Nuevo low caste, for the less attractive jobs, which Central and South Americans, East Europeans, North Africans and Middle Easterners and Asians perform.

Those who can vote with their feet or risk illegal entry do so and leave behind in their impoverished lands amoral, avaricious demagogues who appeal to fanaticism or rule by using imported arms and expertise against their own people and are often the protégés or mental clones of their great puppet-masters. Other leaders who are no less dishonest, but are jingoistic and have populations and purses with talents (pun intended), take the route of WMD. 

These are the only credible deterrents against capricious interference, attack or bullying by the great powers. The scientifically more advanced with aspirations of big league membership, go for nuclear weapons and the rest opt for chemical and biological weapons. The really helpless choose terrorism and suicide bombers. There is a morbid and mortal fear terrorizing the minds and hearts of many world leaders, that the treatment meted out to Iraq or Serbia of being bombed back to the stone age, could be in store for them, in the foreseeable future. All this does not even take into consideration the religious and ethnic hatred brewing in the cauldron of the Middle East because of the support given to oligarchy, plutarchy, monarchy and plain malarkey there, and in many parts of the world. It is true that my analysis is somewhat with a view to long term benefits and the Keynesian view of, in the long run, we are all dead, is how US politicians think, but that is because their shortsighted egos, which are inadequate substitutes for their atrophied brains, often confuse their perishable puny selves with the everlasting nation.   


More by :  Gaurang Bhatt, MD

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