Micro Astrology:

The Mysteries of Time and Event

Micro astrology is that part of astrology which define shortest period of time for any human event realization, decision and action. It is a part of astrology, which very few astrologers used to practice to predict every upcoming event. The time configuration is continuous in Micro astrology. Micro astrology is the subject, which can deliberately prove the validity of astrology in terms of time analysis and not in terms of planetary influence. All the bogus claim of modern science, scientist, and so-called rationalist that astrology is a myth can be spell bound with the accuracy of micro astrology.

Formerly micro astrology was used to select any important upcoming auspicious moment or to predict the query of any person by casting the particular moment horoscope. Election astrology, Prasnatantra in Vedic astrology is basically based on micro astrology.

Prasnatantra, an ancient subject concerning time and query of some kind to answer based on the moment of the query. The astrologer cast a horoscope of that moment and tries to defy the answer from time configuration of that moment with specific methods mentioned in ancient Hindu scriptures. Beside these those who researched on this subject were able to develop numerous methods for pinpoint accuracy.

The difference of Micro astrology with Prasnatantra is in micro astrology astrologer defines the continuous time changes and events changes with different kind of time vernier scales of analysis than Prasnatantra. The validity of Micro astrology is geographical co-ordinate based. It works perfectly in a Particular latitude and longitude surround within a belt of 25 to 50 km radius. The latitude and longitude of a particular place is very important to create all the momentary configuration of events and time. 

Micro astrology calculations are different patterns than Prasnatantra, and it is best fruitful in observation of chain of incidents like retail sales pattern, traffic patterns in the highway, Television program pattern in the media, pricing fluctuation in the share market, production process of a factory, railway transportation system, VIP security system, mass gathering events etc., every day event where effects of time is important to get the actual feedback of happenings in real life much in advance.

The basic theory of micro astrology is that for every earthly event and changes around us, there must be certain moment to occur, if we know the secrets of the moment, we can foresee the event much earlier before the actual event will take place.

People who are well accustomed with various scientific theories of modern world may wonder that how such a subject could exist without the measuring parameter of modern science. But in reality it is true as eyewitness reality. If we know the moment, we can trace out the actual event.

Now, the parameter of micro astrology is quite different than the parameter of modern time. The indicator of moments, its nature and conditions are astrological which clear this fact that the subject and its co-ordinates are parameter for measuring time and not the so-called planetary influence from heaven.

Here micro astrology has great conflict with astronomy and traditional astrology even its use the similar kind of parameters in different way, a way which one can say to find reoccurrence of time and related events. Whatever the conflicts, micro astrology data are prepared with practical events records and completely depend on observational truth to trace out upcoming happenings in short period of time. The subject has no space for divinity, gossips, mythology, religion, and astronomy, but time and its affinity towards the upcoming incident in actual reality.

In modern science it is believed that until an event occur in the upcoming time, it is absurd to predict the event as accurate as reality. Micro astrology works in complete opposite direction of this kind of scientific thinking. Micro astrology basic for all contemporary events is it is quite possible to know the nature of event of any particular moment with several co-ordinates known as time vernier scale.

Reader may get confused with the term ‘time vernier scale’. Just think the action of a clock, it measures the hour by its short arm, simultaneously its measure the minute by long arm and another arm is measure every second time interval. Thus a clock has three time vernier scales to measure time.

In micro astrology a moment is measured by different kinds of time vernier scales, which are very unusual than clock time measuring system. We measure time by clock, micro astrology measure nature of events by different time vernier scales. Each scale indicates different characteristic part of a running event nature. These vernier scales are hidden secrets, which modern science never found in course of research because modern science is unaware about the living beings different type of time vernier scales. There is no such research work on it even in this millennium by modern scientific wizards.

The result of direct observations on micro astrology is so stunning that it may rule out any sorts of modern scientific theories used in prediction of any earthly event related to activities of mankind.

The subject is very essential in nowadays as the high-speed life style of modern time everywhere gaining potential. Urban population has little time to spend on different events of everyday lifecycle, so knowing always the upcoming time nature is very essential whether driving a car or browsing Internet or to fix a share price for buying or selling.

Here are some stunning facts obtained by the author through long time research and direct verification of moments in our everyday life.

  1. In everyday life, all our current thoughts on different subjects or events make a repetition in our memory system around in every two and half hours approximately.
  2. Observations showed that if one studied the customer entry moment in any retail outlet in the market place with the parameter of micro astrology, he will soon able to predict the upcoming customer’s entry moment and his specific requirement without knowing the identity of the customer.
  3. In every 72 hours of time, there is always approximately a 6 hour phase of time comes when someone in the society is remembered by many people who know him.
  4. Through micro astrology system of counting events one can aware about the every upcoming moment of traffic jam or any shorts of unusual events like accident in the city traffic system. Micro astrology is useful in forensic research of time and a better vigil in 24 hours security systems.
  5. For any household problem like repairing of kitchen gadgets, one can know in advance when the mechanic will arrive.
  6. In every day cycles there often some time comes which opens a natural stimulation of a particular side of our character. In these moments individual gets opportunity to activate his own preferred nature of work more actively and obtain some progressive new results.    

There are millions of events can be explainable through micro astrology - even what a person is now thinking, the nature and subject of thinking etc. Micro astrology is actually explain the natural changes of our thought cycle in every moment which in actual practice initiate us to do any action related with that kinds of thought.

The subject has immense scope to apply in International, national and local and even personal events of life. Anyway there is a limitation in micro astrology. It will fail to predict any event if there is no work is going on. The definition of work in micro astrology is quite different than the definition of work in modern science.  Even a person do not make any physical work, but contemplating or thinking seriously on any particular work matter, or doing something which does not require much movement of our body, In micro astrology, it is considered the person made some work. While the definition of work in modern science is if any working effort does not displace any mass, then no work is done. Work is measured by modern science in terms of displacement of mass only to get a direct experience about the micro astrology momentary prediction, the only apparatus required is a digital diary capable to multiple alarm a stopwatch, a notebook, and computation of time analysis system. One has to input the systems moment configuration of everyday micro astrological calculations in the digital diary with alarm and notes about the result thus obtained from calculation and to verify it in day to day events operation to make more perfect upcoming event forecast for any regular event

If you have patience, continuity and time to observe any sorts of every day event cycles with micro astrological data in any part of this earth, some day in near future you will be an expert time analyst for any particular discipline of work. The other thing you have to know is the secrets of different kinds of time vernier scales. You have to go in depth to know how and why all the time scales are made and, finally you have to create separate time vernier scales based on your observation experience on any particular type of work. This is an applied research based subject on time and moment.

One can smash even the latest scientific theories of modern world about momentary forecast of any manmade regular events. One can skip any super computer result to predict any event with amusing accuracy.

Micro astrology has excellence in Medical science to apply medicine in right time. It can be absolutely essential in military events or operation in war, in space research, in retails sales, in news briefing in the Media etc. It can change our entire modern education system.

Micro astrology has limitation of operation in a particular place and time frame. Its limitation made it valuable to define any particular moment. The time analysis report of micro astrology is supposes to be perfect as reality of the event. To make it absolute perfect researcher needs to change every day about 3000 data or configurations. 

To make data base of any regular working event, researchers needs to observe carefully the running event of particular time duration of operation with painstaking patience. It require at least 120 days or about 18 weeks to study the time factors of event, to note the data, to verify the data compare to past data, and to fix the analysis for further event in upcoming days by micro astrological time vernier system.

Once this database prepared, the researcher can develop his/her own system of time analysis for forecasting the relevant event. Individual’s merit is highly required to make the database.  He can find new natural laws of time regarding different stages of any particular event that is still unknown to modern world.

People having researching mind, people who are interested to invent some new kind of knowledge, people who are a doctorate in Philosophy or Psychology, people who has great analytical talents, experienced and knowledgeable astrologers can make excellence in micro astrology.

N.B. How the writer of this article claim so boldly all the facts about micro astrology? While studying Bachelor degree of science, the writer was completely dissatisfied with the definition of time and work in modern science. He then started an investigation personally by searching tons of literature on occult science and different disciplines on time. About 15 years of searching, sometime in 1993, he was able to develop some mathematical configuration to trace every moment. Later, after direct observations of various day to day events, he found several time vernier scales which are capable to count the natural changing moments, its potential in results for any particular moment. Later he came in conclusion that for every regular discipline of work there are various time vernier scales which can accurately find out the upcoming events reality. Another 15 years spent on this study by creating momentary minute forecast and observing the reality by eyewitness.

Here are some funniest results experienced by the writer:

1. About 20 years back from today, once there was a problem with a defective gas cylinder delivered by the gas company in the morning. Later, it smells leakage in gas and a complaint was registered immediately by the writer to the company who assured him to send mechanic to writer’s house.  The mechanic did not arrive for almost an hour. The writer thought to count the probable time through micro astrological Configuration and fixed some upcoming moment in his databank the calculated timing with alarm. About another hour later, suddenly the calling bell rang and the mechanic arrived. Just a second passed, the alarm of the data bank rang with a message of the arrival of the mechanic.  This incident struck the mind of the writer that he selected the moment of arrival before was marked as next upcoming trouble moment and the mechanic arrived at just that moment. So arrival of the mechanic had some relation with the problem of the gas cylinder and upcoming natural time of problem.

2. The writer was once in 1994 met with some curious businessman who invited him to observe the micro astrological time configuration in his own shop day to day retail sales. The writer used to make a table of different time configuration for different kinds of merchandise of that shop and put alarm on the data bank regularly just before the day of observation. He then went to that shop in working hours and inspected the entry moments of customers for desired kind of merchandise speculated by him the day before. Amusingly it was found that at the time of ladies bag, customer entered for ladies bag, at the time of heavy luggage, customer entered for the same, at the time of molded luggage, customer entered that shop reportedly for molded luggage. It was a reputed shop in the main market place in Calcutta with about 50 kinds of leather goods and molded luggage.

The present owner told the writer that his grandfather, father used to open this shop earlier and he himself continuing 35 years in this business, he is able to study a customer by face reading whether he/she will purchase or not, but he was totally unaware about the fact that it is possible to count in advance the entry moment of customers as accurately as reality. 

One day some friend of that shop owner, who was a big shot in defense ministry, came to the shop. The owner introduced the writer to him and that man who was an age old bureaucrat asked to predict any upcoming event as he will go to Capital in the next day afternoon flight. The writer calculated the time of his plane departure and told him that there will be some stress in his journey. The old man was not happy with this comment and asked the writer if there will some sorts of plane accident waiting for him. The writer told that it will not be such kind of a problem but there will be some stress waiting for him at the moment of journey.

The next day evening, as the writer and the shop owner were studying the sales pattern, that old man came. He told what the writer said is absolutely true, as he went to the airport, and took his seat in the plane, suddenly there was an announcement that the plain will not fly due to some mechanical defect in the engine. He waited there about one hour and then turned back to cancel his flight for that day. It was a remarkable experience for the writer as he predicted the problem with some mathematical configuration, which pointed some sorts of stress, will occur at the departure time of the flight.

3. Another interesting event happened in a court case final hearing day. The case was about the death of the writer’s father by some car accident. The third party insurance case was running for about four years and the next day the final hearing of the case was scheduled. In the preceding years every time the opposition lawyer of the insurance company never attend the case and always sent his junior a female lawyer.

The writer’s own lawyer, who was a college friend, told the writer that the next day in final hearing the senior lawyer who was an old man will come to hear the final verdict. The writer told his lawyer friend that according to his time configuration, tomorrow, the junior lady lawyer will come for the final hearing. There was a friendly challenge with the lawyer friend in that issue.  Surprisingly contrary to lawyer friend’s speculation, the senior lawyer did not attend, his female assistant attend that final hearing.

4. Once some cousin brother of the writer came to his house in the evening by walk from another relative’s house. As soon as the cousin brother entered in the house with his micro astrological time table the writer asked him while walking towards his house, if he was worried about something, and what was that? The cousin brother got surprised and asked him how did he know it? He confessed, that while he was coming he was worried and thinking if some paying guest accommodation will be available for him to stay.

These are some example of events where micro astrology is able to find out very finer nature of the events for upcoming moment. Those days are not very far ahead, when leading universities will open research faculties for micro astrological studies.


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Comment Saibal sir,
I am entry level student of astrology but I want to do research in this field .micro astrology seems to be very interesting, it is like prashna astrology I suppose. Now due to lockdown I don't know what to study , I know basics only. But by microastrology can we know exact date and time of events that will happen in our or others lives.
Sir can you fortell when will knockdown in India end.
Kapil malik 9911362936

Kapil malik
28-Apr-2020 18:02 PM

Comment Hi Ghosh Ji,

I am Prateek, my date of birth and time is
19:10 pm

I want to know, when will I go foreign to earn.

Please please let me know this.
I am extremely unsettled by mind due to not moved yet.

27-Apr-2020 07:11 AM

Comment Sir,
I born on 14th Nov'1968. Approx time of birth is 11.15 AM, BUT the problem is that at the same time many planets are changing their positions. No Astrologer calculates my things exact. Is it possible by reverse calculations or by matching date of major events of life ?
Regards !
Brijesh Kumar Chauhan

Brijesh Kumar Chauhan
18-May-2015 11:24 AM

Comment Sir,

I want to learn microastrology. Will you teach me?

04-Oct-2014 22:56 PM

Comment I read some of the incidents predicted using the techniques of micro astrology . will u please some book or methods to learn those techniques as to do some research work on the issue
with great regards
savan savan gupta

Dear Svan Gupta,
There is no such book or books on Microastrology. I just gave my practival experience of last 30 years on this subject. If you want to learn this subject, try to' Do by own foot" like me. Some day in near future you will get the truth. Don't believe in astrological books. One can not be a perfect astrologer by reading ancient text or modern books on this subject.
Saibal Ghosh

Saibal Ghosh
28-Jun-2013 14:59 PM

Comment I read some of the incidents predicted using the techniques of micro astrology . will u please some book or methods to learn those techniques as to do some research work on the issue
with great regards

savan gupta
21-Jun-2013 08:25 AM

Comment if two birth will take in same time and in same place. The life style of the natives will be definite as per their family background, financial status etc.
However, the major changes of life will be commence in same time intervals as per the gochara and dasa rules. But results will be differ as per the individuals personal merit and effort. Astrology is a comperative study and not an absolute want. Its a study of time and event not the score. The score depend on the individuals Karaphal only.
Saibal Ghosh

saibal ghosh
24-Jun-2012 08:54 AM

Comment my birth date is 13.09.1969/15.45pm/vite maharastra 17.17N.74.35E.last 2 month i m in trouble in business.lots of new business also not start till tomorrow. which type of bussiness i do?

22-Jun-2012 05:52 AM

Comment What has been termed as microastrology by you , is again astrology only ! Every 2 hours ,ascendant changes and with that things have to change. I have observed following based on this :

1. The nature of a discussion abruptly changes or altogether when the ascendant changes apparently caused by arrival of a new person on the scene,ringing of phone or a breaking news.

2. Many Prediction can be done like your mechanic example. Basic Theory is that an event is always synchronised with the coming time so the characteristics of time for 2 hours of ascendant have to match with nature of time to predict.

3. Based on this theory, I always predict the likely time of my arrival at new place while in journey. For example, if I have to reach back to my home meeting my wife and children, the ascendant,its lord or Moon must have a co-relation with IV th house but if I have to reach to a hotel for official tour, the corelation would be seen for Xth house for profession,Venus for good hotel, IV again for comfort and Moon.

4. This way all event can be predicted by looking into ascendant for within 24 hours events. For more accuracy ,one may go to Navansh level . For a week's time frame, Moon Nakshatra and Rashi are important.


Yesh Shukla

Yesh Shukla
24-Mar-2012 23:11 PM

Comment there are specific monthly dates for eligible married couple for meeting for a child. These are calculated on the basis of husband and wife horoscopes. During this dates chances of pregnant will be high. But this dates should be fall in the menstrual cycles of wife.

People who are married and want a child can follow this dates to get a child. There are rules also for male or female child. But this is not fair.
Saibal Ghosh

saibal ghosh
30-Sep-2011 10:31 AM

Comment Gud morning sir,

once again thnQ for ur answer, I just hv one more question abt Cesarian Births.

I have got my daughter after Cesarian as she was in Breech Position with 3 loops of umbilical cord around her neck. Dr. asked me to get an auspicious date n time from gud astrologer. The Astrologer given me 3 different dates with 5 Different time, now I chose one and told to Dr. our Dr. did follow the same.

So my query is what astrology has to say if we have choice of birth date n time over natural birth.


vishwas dubey
30-Sep-2011 00:35 AM

Comment Dear Dubeyji,

The time for terrorist attack, group death or any other natural calamity is not a chance game. The prediction therefore given on daily life based moment cycle and it will not always go exact with the event but similar like chances.
Accidents depends on our drawback in driving, so the driver irresponsibility will be cause. To detect it the driver birth chart and current time situation has to analyse.
Regarding natural calamity forecast, it greatly depend on past recorded time situation and happenings. Terrorist attach can be find from current phase of time if somebody have a longtime past research of previous attack time in past.

However, in case of all the above event astrologer can give some clue but not the exact happening.
Saibal Ghosh

saibal ghosh
29-Sep-2011 09:53 AM

Comment Good Noon Sir,

Thnx for your reply and a thot provoking artical, after reading this i hv got one more query erupted inside my mind, how wud astrology predicts group deaths such as aircrash, terrorist attack & train accidents.


vishwas dubey
26-Sep-2011 07:40 AM

Comment Dear Dubeyji,
Astrology is not a subject based on birth time analysis only. It is a time and event based subject where birth horoscope gives hardly 50% clues or results. There are other factors, like dasas of all the planets time to time and interaction of transit time which varies for two people born on same place with same time. There are also, place, time and subject considerations one has to consider to analysis time and event factors of two same time born people.

I must confirm you that astrology is not birth time based subject. But time based analysis system for which often people confused that Birth time is the main factors of analysis.

This is a time based subject, not human birth based one. However it can be applied for human even animals and any material events on earth also.

Saibal Ghosh
17H, Monohar Pukur Road.
1st flr,
Kolkata 700026. India

Saibal Ghosh
21-Sep-2011 06:34 AM

Comment Hello,

After reading this artical I have got quick query, wt do u have to say when two birth are being happened in one place and one time, say in a General Hospital.

How life appear to be so different. How astrology will take up this.


vishwas dubey
19-Sep-2011 12:52 PM

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