A GoM Fearing Nation!

The Minister put down the phone and leaned back with a wide smile. 

“What did PMO say, Sir? Some good news?” the PA asked eagerly. 

“I have been anointed to help GoM,” (Group of Ministers) the Minister said happily. “PM has included me in the team to serve GoM.” 

“GoM is omnipotent and omnipresent, Sir,” the PA said reverentially.

“GoM looks after everything! What are we asking GoM to do this time?” 

“I will be in the team to help GoM suggest the changes in law required to deal with honour killings. It is a very, very delicate task. We have to protect the honour of all castes. We also have to protect the honour of our government. We must win the next poll.” 

The PA frowned. “But don’t we already have laws to deal with honour killings, Sir?” 

“What laws?” the Minister snapped. “Do you know of any law that deals with khaps?” 
“I was thinking of the laws that deal with killings, Sir,” the PA said apologetically. “There is law to deal with murder.” 
“These aren’t ordinary murders,” the Minister said irritably. “These are killings ordered by Khaps!” 
“We also have laws to deal with incitement to murder, Sir,” the PA blurted. 
“This isn’t simple incitement,” the Minister shouted. “Can’t you understand? This is revered tradition of 3000 castes sanctified for thousands of years. We can’t trample over the religious sentiments of Khaps. It calls for very delicate handling!” 
“I see what you mean, Sir,” the PA said hastily. “Something like Sati, isn’t it, Sir? The British dealt with that! Of course they didn’t care about religious beliefs of people. They never believed in GoM!” 
“The British were dictators,” the Minister said sternly. “They never had to fight elections. They didn’t need GoM. They did as they pleased.” 
“By GoM’s grace one day we too may be able to do the same, Sir,” the PA said solemnly. “We are lucky to have such a GoM fearing Prime Minister. But is that enough? Why do we still need the cabinet? Why do we still go to Supreme Court? Can’t we repose full faith and leave everything to GoM?” 
“May GoM bless you, my son,” the Minister murmured. “GoM willing that too might happen!” 


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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Comment Mr. Puri... you should write Satire. You are too good on that.

Roy D'Costa
11-Jul-2010 21:35 PM

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