Headway on Headley:

Half-truths or Whole Truth?

National Security Adviser Shiv Shankar Menon has slammed Pakistan for complicity with the terrorist networks of South Asia. According to him sections of the Pakistan Army and ISI continue collude and direct global terrorism launched from South Asia. Basing his conclusions on the confession of David Coleman Headley made available to Indian official sources Mr Menon said: “We know what needs to be done and we also know who is responsible for terrorism… We have a much clearer picture of the infrastructure of terrorism, the ecosystem that supports terrorism which is not confined to South Asia but affects the entire world.”
Mr Menon has spoken not a moment too soon. But did Mr Menon speak the whole truth or just a half-truth? After the Headley exposure this scribe wrote on December 18 2009: “Circumstantial evidence suggests that Headley could have received logistic support from rogue official sources in America, Pakistan and India. In other words he may be more than a rogue double agent. He could be serving a rogue fifth column that aids terrorism and has penetrated governments in America, India and Pakistan.”
A few days later on December 23 2009 he quoted a Statesman report by Raju Santhanam which said: “Had 26/11 occurred on 29/11, the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, would have been at Mumbai’s Trident Hotel. On the very day that the attacks took place, India’s top security agencies, including Intelligence Bureau and the Special Protection Group, had “cleared” Dr Singh’s engagement there that was scheduled three days later.” It might be recalled that earlier FBI had specifically warned Indian authorities about an impending attack from sea against the hotels that were targeted, including the Trident hotel. Security ordered at these hotels was inexplicably lifted before the attack as the Statesman reported. 
Commenting on this report this scribe asked: “If the above quoted reports are correct, who took the decision to lift security from the targeted hotels before 26/11? Was the decision to clear the Prime Minister’s engagement in the Trident Hotel on 29/11, which was cleared on 26/11, within the knowledge and consent of the National Security Adviser? If not, why not? These are questions that Home Minister Chidambaram cannot evade. With regard to national security the government is either criminally negligent or criminally subverted. Will the government respond?”
The government never responded. Headley’s links with US official agencies was exposed. Pakistan’s official agencies colluding with terrorism has been established. What about the penetration of the Indian establishment by pro-terrorist infiltrators? Whatever the level of subversion, whatever the extent of negligence, if the war against terror is genuine should not the truth come out? Come, come, Mr Menon, why not give the whole truth?        


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