Land of Never

She lay motionless, totally unaware of what was going on around her.  She recently lost her mother and felt the loss deeply. Her father wasn’t very good with her, so she ran away to look for mummy. She knew mummy would understand … 
They found her in a heap by the roadside…unconscious and deathly ill from exposure…they kept her wrapped up in warm blankets…hoping that she would come out of it.
Cynthia found herself in strange surroundings. She walked around for awhile; then she heard a voice coming from the direction of the trees. She discovered that she wasn’t alone. A dragon was standing there surveying her. He was munching on vegetation… when he spoke, his voice was friendly.
My name is Nin, what’s yours?
My name is Cynthia…
Hmmmm, he replied, still munching…
Why aren’t you breathing fire and trying to eat me? She asked.
Well, I’m really a vegetarian… My teacher taught me to eat differently.
And where are we? She asked.
“Land of Never” … “a place that never is and never was. People say we are in a place called Limbo.”…
Now it was her turn to say. Hmmmmmm.
Have you met my mummy? She must have come through here … you might know where?
Well, I think I met her on her way to Eden….
Oh, I’ve heard of Eden, can you take me there?
I have to stay here because I wasn’t good as a soldier. They are giving me a chance to do better.
Oh, what else do you do beside greet and eat?
Well, I can fly; I’ll take you where you’ve never been. There are things to see and learn.
Oh, can you take me for a ride…I would like to see things from the sky.
He studied her. She was okay for a child. She didn’t carry on.
Okay, hop on my wing and climb on.
Soon they were soaring. She squealed with excitement.
Nin, I would like to stay and be your friend.
“Can’t do that,” he hollered. “You have to go back to your daddy. He would be lost without you.”
Oh … may I stay a little longer?
Yes, you may … when you return, you can tell your daddy about your visit.
She saw land with waterfalls. Flew over rainbows, visited the creatures that spoke to her…she was giddy with delight.
It was time for her to go home…she knew without Nin telling her.
Will I ever see you again, Nin?
Oh yes, I’ll whisper in your ear. You’ll see me where the rainbow begins… in hopes and dreams. Be good to your daddy.
That was the last time she saw him …
She heard her daddy’s voice. “Cindy, darling, can you hear me?”
“Yes,” she whispered… “I hear you daddy.”
From that day onward, he remained close to her. He reminded her of Nin… !    


More by :  Maria Reed-Shore

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Comment Thanks DK, it's been awhile since I read your story, wish you would share it with me again...

You can join this site if you wish...they have wonderful, family oriented subjects and of course poetry, share them with the site also...


31-Aug-2010 19:53 PM

Comment Thank you Nancy, I agree with you, times of innocence can bring peace and glad you liked.


31-Aug-2010 19:50 PM

Comment This is a BEAUTIFUL story of innocence and love, Maria. If we read more things like this, instead of dwelling on news items of the day, we would all be happier.



Nancy Harper
31-Aug-2010 12:06 PM

Comment loved it maria, reminded my of my dragon, Nelson, nelson the cloud dragon, do you remember it. my gosh, long ago.
i like this site, thanks for showing it to me.

31-Aug-2010 07:37 AM

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