Living in God's Modern Day World

With the Holidays just around the corner, I thought God may have some message about how we humans are heading in the wrong direction. Perhaps the message would be written on the lines of the following essay ... Enjoy! 

A Message from God 
for those with Open Hearts and Receptive Minds

As God almighty, who exists in multi-dimensional guises of intelligent energy, I am everyone's friend on earth, but most people no longer recognize me as their friend, so I guess I am not so mighty? ... Well, that is because it is not my intent to make anyone do what he or she does not want to do.

The old saying, a friend in need is a friend indeed, may still hold true for a few, but anyone who speaks authentic truths has become a little redundant in today's media driven world and are avoided like the plague. People have grown far more fickle and if their well intended friend does not conform to their social standard lifestyle or way of thinking, the kind hearted friend becomes a fiendish irritation. 

From my Divine experience, I can honestly say as an omnipresent, universal, evolving/creating God, that I have never lost a friend; however, many friends have lost my company ... more so in the last few thousand years, as I silently talk more freely about the genuine way to live life on earth. 

I understand many of my earthly, human friends have their quirks and idiosyncrasies and I have learnt to play along with their perspectives whilst speaking universal, indisputable truth. I speak in silent tones directed at the intelligence of human intuition, insights, feelings, etc...All outside the intellects/egos grasp, however not outside its reach and understanding.

Unfortunately, because of humans religious beliefs, superior education, scientific knowledge or social standing, they perceive my simplicity is not to their sophisticated liking and their opinions can no longer associate themselves with me as their God without any labels.

I am the first to admit my cup of simplicity runneth over and in the eyes of sophisticated people, who consider themselves to be clever in some way or other, that just will not fit into the image of who they believe themselves to be... That is why they have vanquished themselves from my paradise.

Maybe they believe their religious doctrine is sacrosanct and no other viewpoint can be tolerated? 

Maybe they believe they can educate students to high standards of knowledge without teaching how to use the education for the betterment of all humanity and not for the greedy few?

Maybe they believe their social embellishes are paramount and anyone who cannot conform will not be stomached? 

Maybe they believe science and technology can replace me with man-made theories.

Whatever the reason, I have found the few people who do allow me to guide their path, living with a simple smile and a non-involvement in normal social gossip, or one sided viewpoints, such as politics and world events with an authoritarian left or right slant, will not be tolerated.

Thankfully, I still have a few good friends who listen in silence to me and do not live in shallow minds. They beam my smile at birth and a few carry it with them throughout their lives. That is why joyful, gentle, kind-hearted mortals, inherit the sincere treasures of earth that no money can buy.

On the surface many people seem like they are not bothered by fresh, invigorating, inspirational viewpoints, however when that viewpoint contains authentic universal truths, intellectual/egotistical people will run miles away and for sure, keep their distance. 

It seems if I, the only authentic, cosmic power in the universe, cannot fit in with a social tribal mentality, then I will be condemned to isolation by that group and replaced with a man-made ideology. Funny thing is, some of the religious groups are theoretically textbook spiritual, however, I find their theology cannot be lived in a joy-filled mind... As if, their doctrine and dogma, can replace my love and joy. 

Others are motivational life coaches, professors, or other professional experts who want to train their pupils to become catch-phrase-parrots so that they can find their pot of gold... As if, money and possessions can replace me? 

Some are psychologists or medical groups who want to put band-aids on symptoms rather than curing the causes ... as if, humans can repair or sustain a body and mind better than I can? 

Yes indeed, if I do not conform to people's beliefs and my blissfull, silent voice is not welcomed, then I cannot be accepted in any circle of society that wants it to be their way or the highway. In every case, my high-way can be the conductor of life's enchanting orchestrations. 

The ludicrous thing is, I have never fallen out with anyone and only desire the best of everything, for everybody.

Because human time passes by so fast, I would like to remind you that I continue to send blessings in the direction of all my friends on earth who are open to receive them. I abide in an infinite house of delight, filled with harmony and peace ... I send everyone love and joy from my eternal heart and ageless soul. 


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