Folding Hands

Most of my prayers are answered immediately and the others do eventually. Am I the lucky one? No I think not. We all are and we all can make our prayers work for us.

When I first moved to Bombay, I spent 6 months in and out of hotels/paying-guest- accommodations - from Worli to Thane - two far-flung suburbs of Bombay. My frustrations were mounting and were not unnoticed by my colleagues. One Hindu colleague suggested that I go to Mahim Church and put a wax house into the offering box. At this point, I was willing to do anything to have a peaceful night at a place that I could call home. Within a week, I had my own apartment. Was this a miracle? Even though I would like to believe so, it probably can be explained… 

When I entered the church I was already aware of the miracles that everyone believed were happening there. Besides, I was so frustrated already that my prayers had become intense. Both these put together created enough strength for me to get in touch with my inner self, which I believe is God. And this connection was why my prayers were answered almost instantly. Sometime or other in our lives, each one of us has experienced the truth that when one wants something bad s/he always gets it. This is exactly how miracles happen in some blessed shrines or churches. Whosoever goes with an intense faith that miracles do actually happen, is likely to experience one too. As we think so it becomes.

The prayers work on the same lines as ESP -Extrasensory Perception. A close friend or a relative calls/visits you and you say, "Oh I was just thinking about you". Either the relative/friend is thinking of you so ardently that his intense thoughts are sending you the signal or maybe you are sending the signal yourself. This vibration in the cosmos (that connects both of them) makes him pick up the phone or pay you a visit.

Once my son had gone for a camp and I missed him so much that my thoughts got very intense. At that time, the phone rang and lo and behold it was my son Anmol calling! I told him, "Anmol I am missing you very much" to which he matter-of-factly responded, "I know Mom". At that time, Anmol was some 150 miles away from me!

Similar to this was when I first moved to Bombay, I would often get lonely and miss my mother and sisters. And later I came to know that my Mom had invited all my sisters at home and I was being missed terribly. I am sure everyone can relate to innumerous such events in one's life.

We all can make our prayers work for us. It maybe prudent, however, to be mindful of our prayers ensuring that they are not fueled by jealousy, aggression, anger, hatred, bitterness, enmity, ill thoughts towards others etc. Nourished by internal faith, empowering prayers eventually blossom, bringing beauty and fragrance to our lives and living.

Maalok's Note:
This reminds me of an example told to me by my Guruji. This is what he told me - "When we are infants and are hungry what do we do. Simply cry! We don't tell our mother, look Amma I am hungry why don't you take X ounces of formula milk, mix it with Y ounces of water and then warm it in the microwave for Z seconds - and please make sure that its not too hot once its done. She knows what is best for us as her intelligence and experience is far beyond our comprehension".

Perhaps the best prayer to God is to tell her (yes it's a "she" last I checked!) of your problem and leave it upto her to do what is best for everybody. Why burden yourself on making choices and wishes?  Together faith and surrender have the miraculous power of transforming us from a worshiper to the worshiped, from a devotee to God herself. And then instead of folding hands we will be holding hands!  


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