Arid Boundaries

  When earth opens her deep eyes
the sun shines,
tall rays fall
When she ruffles her feathers
the wind blows
a simple song
When earth waves her great wings,
colors flash like lightning,
bluer and brighter
Slapping her wings, thunder claps
dense clouds vibrate
When she weeps,
tears the size of river
beds plunge
Together, mammals and men
tread wild woods
once obscure paths.

Earth whispers her wisdom in silent ears
to her sons and daughters,
who are still enough to hear.

"Life burns without smoke,
it reflects infinity's
high flames
Judgment, a mechanical habit,
breaks down
and becomes a useless pile of junk.
Life throbs and stretches 
in all directions
leading sometimes beyond
time and thought
The moment cannot be measured
by a day or month,
no boundaries to cling to
shallow substance drops its density
and exposes everything
under the flesh.
The fruits of creation bunched together
cannot be bought at the marketplace."


More by :  MaryAnn Harrison

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