You Are Not Alone...

Think you are the only one divested of everything in life? Think you are the only one left aloof? Think you are the only one who has nowhere to go, but this noisome slum? Think you are the only one with a broken wheel?

Well, think again.

For, you are to be considered lucky today - hey, atleast you have someone near you! Someone to share your squalid life stories with....A friend to free you from your onerous thoughts...A pal to placate you...a companion who complies with you...a buddy to carry your burdens.

So rejoice, for you are not alone. And relax, for you have no reason to grieve...Stop whining and start strutting with ebullience. Yes, there is still more to see in this world and more miles to go before you sleep.


More by :  S. Raghotham

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