Mommy and Me

Oh yeah, I recognize that look and expression on that woman’s face! A look packed with love, affection, warmth and joy. Her eyes gleaming with expectation of the imminent exhilaration she is going to experience when she gets to hug her beloved son. Her arms stretched out wide, longing to embrace the most precious treasure of her life. Her lips grinning brightly, expressing her overflowing happiness. Her feet held together not wanting to lose her balance when she finally gets to hold her little angel in her arms.

It’s a shame that we are not able to witness the look on the boy’s face! But his feet, his enthusiasm in his body and the way he is sprinting towards her, reveal an equal and passionate love for his mother. It is very obvious that he is eager to be held by the most loving and caring hands, to be embraced by the most trust-worthy person in his life and to be cuddled by the person who gave him his life itself…his MOTHER.

A photograph depicting a kid darting towards his mom and his mom waiting impatiently to give him a great big warm hug – both of them loaded with untainted admiration and adoration for each other. Can there be anything in this whole wide world that is more beautiful than this sight? Anything more endearing and cuter? Anything more natural and purer? - Watching in action the unconditional love of a mother and a child!

In my vision, this image stands to represent the honest and profound affection between a mother and a child.  


More by :  Raja Bhattacharya

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