My Flesh and Blood

Not so fast, my child! Why this haste? You will always find sure refuge in mamma’s bosom. There is absolute safety inside mamma hen’s wings, my little chick. Let my spread out arms soon cover you and protect from any swooping eagle!

Now, tell me, what set your little feet on this sprint? Is our doggie chasing you? Did you turn the garden hose on him, my little menace?

Are the neighbors after you? What prank did you play on them, my precious imp?

Is your daddy at your back wanting to spank you? Did you tinker with his computer, my naughty boy?

Mischief gleams in your eyes! You are incorrigible, my adorable brat! How strange it is- you take after me so completely! What a tomboy I was! Always up to my neck in trouble! A real terror was I back at home!

Memories of my escapades come surging like these billowing waves behind me! Oh! My boy, what fun it was!

Come on, little birdie, I wait with outstretched arms to hug you to my heart. I have waited for you before and shall wait for you in future. I shall always be there to stand by you against all odds. Even if the whole world rises against you I will not let you down.

It is my supreme privilege to wait for you. I waited for you to come into the world missing my periods, appetite and sleep. You, my bundle of joy arrived amid agony and ecstasy.

As you grew up you changed my world beyond recognition. Days and nights of tender care and selfless devotion saw my chubby darling grow. I waited for you to wake, to sleep. I waited for you to eat, to play.

I have been at your side guiding your first steps, habits, lessons and friends. I have always given you my undivided attention. I am all ears when you come to pour your tales of joys and woes.

Soon shall you spread out your wings and fly away towards new horizons. Books and games, boys and girls, pangs and pleasures – your vistas shall grow wider and wider.

You are welcome to come home, my darling, to shed bitter or sweet tears on my shoulder. And find the balm in my arms for all bruises. Your fond mamma shall always remain your best friend. The umbilical cord tied you to me at fist, my apron strings afterwards and telepathic understanding shall till the end.

Time will slip by like the fine sand beneath our feet. The hypnotizing soothing breeze may turn harsh and stormy. But whatever path you choose, wherever you go, the holy bond of our affection shall grow stronger and stronger.

My heart now sings in jubilation, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine”. As my lungs swallow the salty breeze my whole being is filled with a pure joy of the rarest kind.

What unseen hand has waved a magic wand over the sand transforming the land into Paradise? Let us not waste this wonderful moment of being together here while the sun, sea and sand invite us to pirouette to our heart’s delight. This is total bliss.

Shall we not cherish the memory of this warmth, this ethereal thrill tingling through our blood? Oh! My flesh and blood, is this rapture of ours born from animal instinct or divine imitation? Can this magnetism be gauged? Can this chemistry be explained? Can this magic be understood? No, never!     


More by :  Pavalamani Pragasam

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