The Embrace of the Sea Goddess

Myths and legends give birth to enchanting hues and flavors in a human race with vivid imaginations. Some say modern day religion derives its themes from mythology. Any student can detect many similarities in religion that could have foundation in earlier folklore. For instance, there are numerous virgin births in mythology well before the story of Jesus came on the human stage.

Modern religion relates to one male God who rules the heavens and earth. Many people's childhood idea of God is a man in a white robe and long beard. Likewise, many children image a unicorn to be a horse with a horn on its head that has mystical powers. Both images are real to the holder of the thoughts.

When children mature, most realize the unicorn is just a flight of fantasy. However, most will continue with their belief in a male God that can strike anger and revenge at his human subjects if they do not worship him every day.

Fear builds this male god into a monster that can kill babies with death angels and can bring plagues of many varieties to a people who lose belief in this human type of trendsetter.

It seems the more fundamental the followers become of a male macho God, the more the risk of wars and terrorist attacks. Faithful followers of their male, image-maker have slaughtered millions. No doubt, many more will perish in the name of holy wars directed by their personal, one true God, who will bring his faithful people to a glorious victory in heaven and send the rest to damnation in hell. It would make super fiction stories, unfortunately, the history of religious wars are a major blot on the human landscape and still exist today.

The authentic side of all religions is the spiritual essence that flows through them. This is the good facet of a universal creator/evolver and is no different from the spirit that nurtured many ancient tribes. They were nurtured on folk law tales of wizards and witches, dragons and knights, evil and good spirits in all kind of guises. Indeed, even today, there are sections of humanity that use different symbols and customs than that of modern day religion, For instance, sweat lodges and rites of nature, still furnish spiritual devotion for people thirsty for a sound conviction base.

In ancient Egyptian, Persian, Roman and Greek times, the gods and goddesses played many tricks on the human race. Only the bravest and purest humans could make their journey to heavenly immortality, whilst all the less deserving were sent down into the fires of Hades ... hell to you and I. … Yes, the ingenuity of heaven and hell has been around for thousands of years. Well before the monolithic God was established as the momentous superintendent.

The female in all species on earth give birth not the male. Subsequently, perhaps if we go back far enough, we may find out if the same goddesses that prevailed over the heaven and earth countless years ago still exist in this era. For a few moments, let us visualize a world directed by the Sea Goddess…

What a wonderful image it creates when we go down to the beach to bathe in the clear waters of the Sea Goddess. She welcomes us into her open arms with sensual, curvaceous pleasure. The warm water feels as though we are back in the womb and verily we are.

We enter into the ebbing womb of the sea goddess. We feel her loving textures as the water laps its caresses over timeworn bodies. We are children of earth, running into nature's oceanic tides and time. All the oceans wrapped around the supporting arms of the sea goddess as we bathe in gladness.

The Greeks named Tethys and Thetis, as the great Mistress of the Sea. However, the Sea Goddess was recognizable in many forms and names, by legions of ancient dynasties. One could claim she is the mother of all earth, for everyone needs water to survive and grow. Religion declares humans are built in the image of God. Moreover, since our bodies are eighty percent water, a part of the sea goddess could profess to be inside us all.

Maybe we can start a fresh, modern day myth, which brings satisfying delights and enchantment to people who need something to support their daily toil. Who knows, it may even establish a future religion?

When the waters break inside the womb, a woman opens her legs to allow her child to come into the world…. As it enters the world, the loving sea goddess, with open arms and a joyful, angelic smile, embraces it. Her intent is for every baby that comes into the world to understand it will always have loving, joy-filled arms to embrace them, every moment on earth... Just as long as their image of whom they truly are, (a spiritual child of the universe) does not ever forsake them.

No matter whom you believe your God to be, as long as you live with the spirit of the universe within your conscious mind, you can be, whatever you wish to be. You can visualize whatever you wish to imagine.

In every mystical experience, whatever you imagine, that is where you are at that moment in time. The metaphysical world of the sea goddess is one of the multi-layered realms of great mystics.

Mysticism is the ability to use cosmic, x-ray visions, to peer though the shams and masquerades the ego boasts as its factualness.

Performing to the best of ones ability on the stage of earth can be a great joy, once a person comprehends there is always someone with loving arms and smiling face, to catch them, when they fall from grace... To transport them to peaceful, gently flowing, calming, still waters. The sea goddess is there for all who believe.

In all form and gender …God is God … God is Good.


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