- The Spiritual transformation of a writer

Intuitions do not have a scientific rationale. They are mostly guided by emotion. But most of the time some intuitions are precursors for future events. Some years ago, when I was reading a book by the popular Tamil writer Balakumaran, I marvelled at the life in South – after reading about his spiritual experiences and his miraculous escape from a heart ailment. I vaguely recollect reading about his spiritual guru – Yogi Ramsurat Kumar.

A few years later, I moved southwards and it is here that I rediscovered the books of Balakumaran. A prolific writer, Balakumaran quit his job in TAFE to become a full-fledged writer and after he met Yogi Ramsuratkumar, his life changed for the better. The Yogi made him give up smoking, taught him humility and instigated him to abandon his ego. The Yogi had a profound influence of Balakumaran’s writings in later years. Chanting – “Yogi Ramsurat kumar Yogi Ramsurat kumar Yogi Ramsurat kumar Jaya Gura Raya” has a potent impact - I have personally experienced this. This yogi who was born in North India eventually settled in the temple town of Thiruvannamalai from where he attained mukti in the year 2001. Balakumaran considers himself blessed that he met Yogi Ramsurat Kumar and he has translated his experiences into a beautiful novel in Tamil.

Thus, the quest to learn more about writer Balakumaran eventually led me to Yogi Ramsuratkumar and this has made me richer ! The experience was  cathartic for me. I did wish to translate some of Balakumaran’s stories in English so that they could reach a wider audience, but the publisher Mr. Tirupathi (Visa Publications) wasn’t too excited by the idea. Mr.Tirupathi felt that non-Tamilians would find it difficult to relate to the milieu in Balakumaran’s novels.  However, I do feel that the content in my favourite author’s books will more than cover up such misgivings.

I am proficient in Tamil and can write reasonably well in English, so anyone looking out for translations of Tamil books to English, can count on me! I am extremey grateful to the writer for causing such a transformation in me through his writings. Through him, I learnt about Yogi who was immensely popular in Tamil Nadu. I pray to God that he continues to enthral us with his writings. I have thought of reaching him through letters or Emails but unable to locate his exact postal or Email address. Anyway, my intent is genuine and let me hope that telepathy conveys my message to him.


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Comment Hi,

Absolutely right. Writer Balakumaran influenced me a lot

Srinivasan Narayanan
08-Oct-2013 02:30 AM

Comment Unfortunately no.

G Venkatesh
03-Jan-2013 02:08 AM

Comment do u have any off the books in english that you could share?

vigneshwar viswanathan
02-Jan-2013 08:37 AM

Comment Dear appa, Happy birthday to you.

05-Jul-2012 06:01 AM

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