Move to India - the Next Big Thing

Alright. Now, I know I don't say this enough, and I do tend to spew out anti-americanism alot, with reason though, I have sensed alot of anti-intellectualism going on over there ever since around 1993 coincidentally enough... But seriously in so many ways do I prefer it to my own nation I could not possibly list them all.

And it's not that I hate republicans because they are dumbshits or they are just too ignorant to see anything beyond their own perception of the world, believe me I hate democrats and liberals equally much with their inability to get anything done, and their faction-based conglomeratism. Atleast conservatives are all organized into one giant mass of stupid, liberals can't even do that. But India is just retarded.

In India, if a person gets killed, the news agencies go "hoooweee we've got the next months filled". Any other country, every day the news just gives you a number and moves on. Atleast in America, darwinism has got some kind of foothold. Osama could try for aeons, and still not kill more americans than americans kill by themselves. Here, every dipshit that gets born into this fucking country gets to live and it's really depressing. I think we should organize some sort of brutal mass murder deal here, coalesce into one big healthy gut-laugh and say "A step in the right direction for humanity". The idea that every man has a right to live is, well, bullshit. Anti-evolutionary and it's not logical. I guess subliminally it's one of the reasons I smoke and drink so much, one of the reasons is I'll rid the world of one excessive fevered ego, and another important one is that well I don't have to endure you fuckheads longer than you have to endure each other. In many ways though, India has got the same deal as the US has.

Some conservative christian dumbass in charge (he's got a 4% approval rating, hurrah), and he's basically just doing what others tell him to without realizing what's going on in the outside world. Basically, both India's prime minister and Obama is living in the Truman Show. We don't need jackasses like this representing our nations, you americans have seen what it's done for you, the whole world judges your nation based on its representatives, and not the people actually living in it. In my country, well not so much. Our leader is actually an apt representative, so you can see why I'm scared and sick of living here and think more highly of USA than I let you all in on. Move to India, it's slightly better than being kicked in the nuts!


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