A New World of Contentment

Spirituality is a huge world, and of late more and more people are getting exposed to it maybe to different facets of it. This has given rise to two types of people one is the all encompassing believer who has had a breakthrough because of what it has contributed to his life and there is another category of people who are skeptical and would tend to dismiss it as a crutch which makes people believe in a force outside himself and thus making him fatalistic and weak, but I would beg to differ on the latter.

After a huge hailstorm comes the soft showering rain, Similarly with the passage of each one hears cases where there is countless and unreasonable amount of violence affecting the world, more instability, fear, pressure to be successful, 'lack' factor affecting people (lack of love, money, relationship, happiness), hence the number of people moving towards the spiritual arena is quite as expected, it helps being individualistic in an age where there is lot of competition and compromises have to be made at every mode of life is a matter of choice and is difficult to implement.

Every man leads a chequered life, the most important thing that guides him through both the sunny and shady facets of life is the belief in oneself, making a decision and working towards his goal and conquering his fears and depressions. Even though we believe that the religious texts of any faith are to be read at a more older age, Religious texts be it in any form give a very good outlook of life and actually charts out all the possible issues and most of the stories features in these books give us an example of the instances that we may have to face in life and is based on a similar pattern. Many a time, Man has formed his decisions based on his comfort level and conveniences, instead of what is important for him for a satisfying growth in all the three levels of the physical, mental and the emotional plane.

There are a lot of techniques, which are identified as being successful routes to a balanced and stable life and gaining spiritual bliss The most popular of this and is catching up a lot outside the area where it originated is Yoga. Yoga as we know helps in the physical level by regular 'Asana' but not many people know that it contributes to the emotional well being of a person also.

What exactly is meant when we say that 'emotional and mental well being of a person'?

There are many instances in life where one feels more partial towards an issue or a cause based on our emotional judgement, For Example if we have out brother /son/daughter competing for a title or a race, then we tend to vote mentally for him and wish that he would be successful, but the person who would feel that the best man win, is what would be procreation and would fall into the emotionally balanced category. After all the more we abet the creator the more we move towards prosperity. This exercise helps remain balanced and does not create any kind of negative emotion but only would encourage a person to perform better.

Being Balanced is the key to a more satisfying life, we know that thought leads to action, it doesn't stop at that thoughts create your life and also leads to body dysfunction or well being depending on the particular thought. Psychosomatic disease is an example of this. One would have heard cases where emotion would have lead to some kind of disease in a person. One most common example of emotion ruling our system, when we hear of people dying of shock more than any body harm when they have an accident. There have been cases where there is due to emotional trauma the person has been affected with cancerous tumor. Hence now alternate therapies like Reiki, Pranic, Crystal healing, Mantra meditation etc help cure both the emotional, mental levels before they deal with the physical level of healing and the moment the emotional body is healed, the person's thought pattern is changed, healed and eventually this accelerates his healing in the physical level also.

The thought or a teeny-weeny bit of thought can create the corresponding circumstance in our life, so the more open we are the less limiting our thought, the more we tend to enjoy life, this brings us to the concept of the subconscious mind and its power, most of the techniques empower the subconscious mind and programs it so that whatever is created in our life is more prosperity oriented. One is assured of a more positive series of thoughts, the moment one is self 'realized, this process is highly facilitated through the age-old process of meditation. By practicing of both passive as well as objective meditation, a person has been guided towards peace, stability, a balanced preposition and also material and emotional accomplishments.

Being aware of your thoughts would probably be the first step towards spirituality, Irrespective of any method that is chosen to pursue, one can be sure of peace, happiness and contentment. Thus the way he perceives issues is changed .His enjoyment, enthusiasm is doubled, Making life a gift of wonder and living it to the full.  


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