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The Column of Jerash

King Hussein of the Hachamite Kingdom of Jordon presented this 30 foot-high marble column to the New York World's Fair ... of 1964-65, held in Flushing Medows-Corona Park. 

The fragile column, with its modified Corinthian capital, was originally erected in 120 AD by Romans in the ancient Jordanian city of Jerash. It was part of the Temple of Artemis, named for the "principle deity" of the city, then known as Gerasa. Once a small village under the rule of Greek General Antiochus IV (175-163 BCE), Gerasa grew over the next three centuries into a major metropolis under Green and later Roman occupation. When Roman Syria was reorganized in 63 AD, Gerasa became a free city, and was at its height when the Column of Jerash was built.  

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