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Lake George

Moving ahead from Saratoga Springs, we drove upto Prospect Mountain in the Lake George Village to get an ariel view of the Lake George.   

Interestingly it was our first outing together without the company of any friends, family or our children, almost after 25 years.  Now that both our children are married, the visit to Lake George was truly a well deserved treat to both of us. It was as if all the elements had come together to celebrate our blissful married life. To both of us it was like a prelude to our 30th wedding anniversary due in September 2005.

A view of the Lake George (ending into a small Beach) from the Prospect mountain summit that is over 2000 feet above the sea level. The summit gives a 100 mile ariel view on a clear day revealing the mountain ranges of Vermont and Adirondack. The Lake George is over 32 miles in length from the Adirondack mountains to the Lake George village. At its widest it is about 1.5 miles. 


These are the remains of the bull wheel and masonry ruins of the summit terminal. In 1875 a 7,392 feet long cable railway was built at a cost of $110,000 that operated from the edge of the mountain at Lake George village to the summit. The fare on this cable railway was 50 cents per passenger – when the average wages were only $3.00 per week! Another view of the Lake George from the summit of Prospect mountain.

There is a well maintained two lane Prospect Mountain State Parkway where one can drive almost all the way to the top – barring the last leg of about 200 feet which can be ascended either by a well planned walking tail or by the Park's bus ride that is offered free.  The parkway was opened as a Memorial Highway in honor of America's War Veterans in 1969.  A view of the "million dollar" beach at the Lake George village. 


A view of the "Lac Du Saint Sacrement" cruise ship (operating since 1989) at the Lake Village harbor. This cruise ship alongwith the Mohican (since 1907) and the authentic paddle-wheeler Minne-Ha-Ha (since 1969) are operated by the Lake George Steamboat Company.  The company has been operating since 1817.

A view of the "Minne-Ha-Ha" on the Lake George. 


A view of the Lake George taken before boarding the cruise ship "Lac Du Saint Sacrement" for a round trip from Lake George Village to Bolton Landings and back. The Balloon gliding is a great sport on the Lake. A close up of the Balloon glider on Lake George.

One of the many picturesque views of the Lake George.


Lake George offers an excellent opportunity for water sports that includes boating and rafting.  The dare devilry of youngsters is a treat to watch. This picture a continuation of the previous one shows young teenagers enjoying the sport.

There are a lot of motels, hotels and inns for overnight or longer say...all along the lake. However, the Sagamore hotel is a landmark by itself and is a great place to stay.

Sailing on Lake George. The 32 mile long Lake George offers the visitors an opportunity to do it all (horse riding, camping, boating, sailing, swimming, hiking, mountain trails, fishing ...)

or nothing at all...just being with the elements and celebrating the bounties of nature. 

Yes, we were at Saratoga Springs before this! 


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