An Exploration of the Ultimate Reality

Indeed man himself is a great wonder. More than that what a great wonder the life of man is! And what a marvelously beautiful planet the earth is sustaining a variety of lives so long! Knowing neither the beginning nor the destination of life or the continuation of life after life the exploration about life is going on. The quest to discover the ultimate one is ever insatiable and the curiosity to know the origin of creations is never diminishing too. Though the puzzle of life is still unsolved, scientific pursuits are going on to find whether there is life as on the Earth or not or in some other form in the outer Space.

Even the laws of science we know are not useful to know anything about the Black Holes in some galaxies in the Universe. The available scientific laws are inadequate to explain all the phenomena in Nature or Universe. This is because besides inadequacy of laws the field of science among many branches has covered only up to physiology and psychology and not even touched spiritual science. So Spiritual Science has to be developed to understand many mysteries in Nature. Therefore for the present we have to rely upon philosophy to enquire into many unknown phenomena in man, Nature, Universe'


Generally there should be something, then only something can be conceived, something can be expressed and something can be done. But Indian astronomer-mathematicians like Aryabhatta and Bhaskara have proved to the world that the symbol of nothingness, Zero has the potentiality of infinity, even though Aristotle says that 'nothing will come out of nothing.' 

In fact only after the first discovery of fire in the stone all the developments have taken place in the world and man has become a civilized being. The latent energy in the inert stone, though incredible, is an irrefutable truth. Not only that but also the vision of the immanent and the transcendental being in the image of man is expressed in the form of divine statues in stone in the temples by man's art say about the highest form of human culture in the world. This shows though man, a finite being with limitations, drawbacks and incompleteness, has the capacity to express about even the infinite being in art. 

The temple statue is a symbolic example for man to achieve what sort of perfection he has to aim at. Simply Temple Arts have combined together religion, philosophy, literature, art, science, health, culture and spiritualism in one. That is why arts have to be regarded as quite divine. According to the maturity of the mind they reveal meanings and messages to various men and give them peace, happiness and satisfaction. All the things are hidden in the stone! Not only are the stone but also there are so many things around us having enormous potentiality hidden behind them which we may not understand. Therefore we cannot simply say that 'this is nothing' and 'nothing will come out of nothing.' Even the smallest of small atom has the incredibly enormous power to destroy the world means what can we say for that? 


Nature is simply the living scientific art revealing the philosophy of life. There is beauty everywhere. There is truth hidden in everything. There is the manifestation of love in all their activities. Naturally Nature is the friend, philosopher and guide to man. So, man gets inspiration, ideas and encouragement directly from Nature. Being a part of it he imitates nature and tries to overcome and excel it because of his wonderful mind. But can the part overcome the whole? For all the living beings- fish, foul and flower, there is birth, growth, decay and death. So also it is the same for man too. There is direct regeneration for plants, but for animals and man perhaps there are rebirths of different kind which needs to be studied further to have a correct conclusion. But the cycle of life goes on in the same way for all. 


The duration of life between birth and death is unknown. But within the life-time how best one can live is the wise thing one can aim at. For that the only best way to follow is culture. Based on experience and knowledge the system we follow to live in love with good manners and morality can simply be called as culture which includes love of Nature, music and books cherished in humanism aiming perfection in thoughts, words and deeds. 

Even civilization without the basis of culture is unreliable. That is why modern civilization has made human life to proceed in fear and anxiety in the performance of things, increased dangerous diseases deadly hazardous to health and driven the world to the brink of savagery and destruction.

Religion may make a cultured person a divine being but culture teaches tolerance, patience, hospitality and unity in diversity and converts a brute into a human being because of its humanism which is what most needed today in the world. Further for all the problems of the world we can say that the ultimate solution is the creation of one world through culture.


Then the question of life has to be solved. What is life? It is a great question because it is a difficult puzzle yet to be solved. For the present there is an answer from the Modern Theory on the evolution of life. After the Big Bang, slowly the Earth cooled down, atmosphere appeared around and life began or rather evolved on the Earth. First the blue-green algae appeared on the surface of the water, then evolved into a life-cell called amoeba to fish, birds, reptiles, animals and man. After that there is no physical evolution. 

Only mind is evolving according to the Indian Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo. From where life comes and to where life goes is scientifically unknown and will not be known, it seems from the Modern Theory. But the Indian Theory that says everything comes from and goes to the all pervading spirit, God gives a thought provoking answer which also cannot be scientifically proved as science itself has to be developed to a great extent! However one thing is clear i.e. all the matters in the Universe are made up of five elements called fire or energy, substance or solid, water or liquid, air or gases and ether or vacuum. Therefore the living matter, man is a product of these five elements only.

Process of Evolution

Creation, preservation and destruction or birth, growth and death are the stages in the process of evolution which go on continuously forever in a cycle. Energy is everywhere. From this all pervading energy matter has come and in matter life has evolved. Therefore life is a part of energy. Hence the link between the inanimate world and the animate world or lifeless things and living beings must be the all pervading energy or the heat in matter. The repeated cycle of births and deaths reveals that evolution aims at perfection. But how long will this cycle of evolution go on in the inanimate world and the animate or conscious world of the Universe? 

Naturally the cycle of evolution will go on till perfection or the saturation point or the ultimate end or reality is achieved. In the whole world only in the Indian Shastras both the creation and the destruction period of the Universe has been predicted as 2 Kalpas i.e. 4,320,000,000 years for creation and 4,320.000,000 years for destruction i.e. 8,640,000,000 years. The truth of this prediction is left to the thought, calculation and guess of everyone! We know practice makes all perfect. Therefore we can say that creative or constructive evolution certainly makes all perfect. 

Liberation, Nirvana, Moksha

So what is the way to achieve perfection or ultimate reality or ultimate destiny of creation? Man with mind is far superior to all he creations in the world. Only when the cessation of repeated cycle of birth, death and connected duties occurs the achievement of the ultimate reality is possible. Through the automatic process of evolution to reach the destiny is a long, long way to go. Therefore because of his intelligence it is possible for man to know the way by his own efforts and achieve the desired end in his own way. There are teachers such as Buddha, Sankara and Ramanuja to show us the way as guides. 

According to Buddha desire is the root cause for all sorrows, sufferings, obligations, births and deaths and so self-restraint over passion, self-denial of sensuous pleasure and self-control of desires are needed to over come them. Wise thoughts, kind words and gentle action in love towards all are the way to achieve Nirvana or emancipation in life. 

According to Sankara first the knowledge of the Universal Spirit should be obtained and the path of non-attachment should be followed to overcome the ocean of life, then only Moksha or the state of Brahma can be attained. 

Finally Ramanuja said that with total devotion in thoughts, words and deeds the living soul can ultimately have union with the Universal Spirit. 

Whatever be the philosophies, they are all left to the individual's taste, understanding, belief and efforts. But one thing is certain, i.e. nude we come and nude we go. We come with nothing and we have to go with nothing i.e. only when we are perfect, clear and pure. Therefore though we achieve perfection in thoughts, words and deeds by our own efforts we have to be clear and pure too in heart, mind and soul, then only we can ultimately go to the desired destination successfully.

Ultimate Reality

Next we have to see what we have with us by which the ultimate reality can be realized and reached. In the Universe man and all the matters are enclosed within the all pervading energy called the Universal Spirit. There is similarity between man and other things of nature and the Universe. The outer Space of the Universe is similar to the inner space of man. This shows there is certainly a connection between the two. 

The outer Space starting from the Universe proceeds through Nature to the inner space through the human body or vice versa. Due to the (strong and weak) Nuclear Forces, (weak) Gravitational Force and (strong) Electromagnetic Force the Stars and planets in the Universe exist intact doing their duties without a stop. So also due to the Life Force in the human body, heart, brain, liver, kidneys, etc. function coordinately. In our closure vicinity things of nature such as clouds, mountains, rivers, plants and trees with leaves, fruits and flowers put together resemble the complex living organism called man with brain, heart, liver, hands, feet, etc. 

Likewise there are so many things to compare. The only difference is that what is outside is within man and what is within is the outer form of man. The only thing that unites both within and outside man is the mind. The mind is within the body. The life force or the self or the reality or the soul or the spirit is within the mind. The part of the All Pervading Energy or the Universal Spirit is within the soul. That is the Ultimate Reality we can say and nothing else which has to be realized and reached by our own efforts! How?


Any organism whether it is alive or dead is judged by its consciousness only. The various stages of consciousness of the mind doing myriad activities of miraculous nature undoubtedly make man a superior kind of being of all the creations known. The kinds of consciousness with minor branches such as Blood Consciousness and Stream of Consciousness are divided into 1. Sub-consciousness, 2. Consciousness and 3. Super-consciousness. 

It looks the knowledge got out of repeated activities of the past or the previous birth gets recorded in the blood and becomes a habit in the subsequent births. That is why perhaps due to the blood consciousness it is possible for the birds to build nests, the ducklings to get to the waters, the people to have a sort of fear over death and to do other instinctive activities. These are some of the evidences of rebirths or reincarnations of soul occurring in the world. Another thing is the stream of consciousness. Reflections over the memories of the past experience come in a stream of consciousness to some people who have a strong memory power as in a dream or a visionary mood.

The sub-conscious activities are pulsating of the heart, breathing, dreaming, visioning, intuiting, etc. Through intuition, which is not an instinctive activity but a strenuous or intensive intellectual activity, it is possible to know the Self or soul or reality or pure consciousness and the Soul of soul, the Universal Spirit or Universal Consciousness. Conscious activities are reasoning, thinking, doing all works with awareness, etc. Finally super conscious activity is the top most super kind of mental activity by which meditation and still further mysticism are performed. Only in this highest state of mind with thorough knowledge total dedication, concentration and deep mediation realization of the inner spirit and the presence of the Universal Spirit in it can be possible and in that mood communion of the self consciousness with the Universal Consciousness the Ultimate Reality can be reached.


Actually the Self with the Universal Spirit within is like a prisoner kept in captivity. Only when the outer coverings are removed like the petals of the lotus open, the golden yellow of the whole spirit can be seen. That too though the fire with the luminous blue flame burning inside the empty space of the heart can be realized and reached, only after many a birth it can be freed so that the part would become one with the whole once and for all.     


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