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Ragam - The Tune

Ragam is the intuited tune for a melody.  The inspirations for the melody are introspection as well as meditation.  It is the impulse of man that gives form to the tune. 

The moods of this Caribbean Island come alive in these photographs taken by Marco Tan, a student at St. George’s University in Grenada, over a period of two years, while living in Granada.

A picture perfect place
With a human touch to God’s grace

In the blue waters, beyond the balcony
Is where one will find life’s symphony

Time and space stand still here
In a congenial atmosphere

A simple elegance created by man
As only a man can

A stroll through the verandah into the sun
And the vicissitude of life has only begun

A photograph so perfect
It imitates a painting in every aspect

A row of pillars seem to croon
The warmth of the sun that will cease soon 

A sun swept pool and home
With blue skies above its dome

Before you buy, bargain hard
In this market on the courtyard

A happy home, however small
Is where love and caring, owners install

Life on the enchanting island is grand
With thatched shelters in the sand

Staring at the scenery beyond reach
Stand these buildings on the beach 

The bounty the seas bequest
The fishing boats’ conquest! 

A towering lonely coconut tree
Adds dignity to the scenery

This place is a picture of perfection
With the color of the sky and its reflection

To whom does this bell toll?
To the lover with love in his soul?

The glorious moon in the cool night shone
To compete with sun’s beauty; not to be outdone!

Beauty that a dark night could malign
Is saved by this geometrical design

The boat, an impression it creates
Of an impending invasion of pirates

Taking advantage of the windy sea
A windsurfer sails in glee 

A leader, a visionary, a firebrand?
Or merely following the footsteps in the sand?


More by :  Dr. Neria H. Hebbar

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Comment great pics, wish i can visit this place someday!

21-Aug-2011 04:30 AM

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