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Thanam - The Rhythm

Thanam is the rhythm that occurs naturally. The natural phenomenon in the world is guided by ‘Rta’, the unity of nature, an order that is constant and repetitive akin to the beat of a drum. 

The moods of this Caribbean Island come alive in these photographs taken by Marco Tan, a student at St. George’s University in Grenada, over a period of two years, while living in Granada.

Wind churns the waters of the ocean
A precursor to human life in motion

The blue skies and the waters
It’s the tranquility that matters

The skies blue and the water emerald
A peaceful scene they herald

A tiled home to relax and stretch
To admire this painting and sketch

When the sun sinks and light fades
The colors change into different shades

Two flags blowing in the wind
Two nations, but of one kind

The blessed island with its lagoon
A fine example of the creator’s boon

On the sand the waves dance and frolic
A sight to soothe the melancholic

On the sand a lonely tree
Beckons to enjoy the spree

A bell tower and observatory
To watch nature’s conservatory

As the civilizations approach
Does the pristine island reproach?

Black sand awaits advancing waves
Like a lover for his love craves

Playing silent music they stand
With their hairy heads as if in a music band

As the journeyer finds his way
The serenading trees sway

Like sentries at the gateway they stand
Garlanded by the flora of the island

Rejuvenation of life is relentless
Recycling of life is effortless

A patchwork of houses on the land
And the artwork in the emerald sand

The greenery, azure sky and blue water
Does the poetry of nature have an author?

Did the artist spill some paint,
To make this picture quaint?  

A lonely boat makes its way home
And wait till morrow again to sail in the foam

From the sky comes the light divine
On the love gazebo brightly shine


More by :  Dr. Neria H. Hebbar

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