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Spring in NYC

Season of Spring brings life to the city
With an exuberant show of flowers
Every scene appears to be serendipity
With blue skies mottled with tall towers 


The roads and alleys are ornamented
With flowering trees gracefully arching
The homes are decorated and garlanded
Waiting for their lovers with hearts aching


Creative art from the flowers of Spring
Adorn the shop windows and doorways
Floral elephant, lion and the giraffe bring
Forth the spirit of Spring in many ways

The city of steel comes alive in this park
Where the families and lovers stroll
Amongst the picturesque colors of Central Park
Through the winding paths that seem to turn and roll

Central Park at every turn does offer
A landscape that is diverse and stark
Even the barren trees seem to buffer
The harshness of cold buildings outside the park

Walking through the park on a bright Spring day
Or picnicking and frolicking on the great lawn
Lovers canoeing in the stream and the bay
Some riding in a buggy that is horse-drawn 


Streets in the morning appear calm and serene
Surrounded with trees; with flowers or bare
Each season ushers in a new scene
Each a worthwhile sight beyond compare


In a city built of steel and glass
All are architectural masterpieces
One outdoing the other - in class
Their majestic glory effervesces

In silent witness they stand
As shelters to its denizens
Blessed are the people of this land
Assured of liberty for all its citizens


Here the twin towers had stood tall
Now aptly named ground zero
Only bold steps for terrorism’s downfall
Will be a tribute to the departed hero


Whether they are standing alone
Or sandwiched between buildings
The historic structures are prone
To overwhelm with all their gildings 


There is more to see and admire much more
The sleepless city rests on the Atlantic shore 


More by :  Dr. Neria H. Hebbar

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