Is America Becoming A Third World Country in Innovation!

India’s ignoranti producers and victims of US soft diplomacy at venues like India International center allegedly funded by Washington, Habitat center and even Indian Council of World Affairs, remain besotted with US’s eternal manifest destiny and hegemony, even when it was clear to those who do not rely only on New York times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, the Times of London and CNN and BBC that US decline began in end 2006 (but not a sign in Indian media) if not earlier with the signs of the housing mortgage crisis. Many even believe in the so called green shoots in the reviving US economy, when in fact the situation is getting worse. Trillions of US dollars created on computer screens by Wall Street banksters in Obama administration are sloshing around the world and perking up share prices in Shanghai and Mumbai. But for how long! The first shoe fell on 15 September, 2008, when iconic Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch collapsed. Would the second shoe fall this year, as many serious economists still maintain!

When I last visited US in 1995, I spent considerable time waiting at the airports and saw middle class US travelers, badly dressed in misshapen bodies, a result of fast food and BT seeds which Indian ministers are insistent on introducing into India. Those who form opinions about the Americans by watching Bay Watch and other Soap Operas believe how healthy and wholesome they are. But the reality is quite different.

At a Seminar at Indian Council of World Affairs on 13 July, 2009 on “Obama’s New West Asian Policy: Prospects and Challenges”- Obama’s speech in Cairo came for praise (Can one take seriously his claim that US cannot be at war with Islam – then what all is going on, war on Muslim countries for their oil resources or strategic space and for energy transfer etc.). Most speakers and the audience at the seminar, barring a few exceptions, were all praise. These gentlemen disseminate and promote US policies in India.

I said that Obama was but a product of Chicago Jewish machine and those who have brought down US economy, contributed 600 million dollars for his election, so do not expect anything new. US is ruled by Military-Industry and energy complex and that America is on fast decline. This only produced a chorus of protests against me; with some the Seminarist claiming US will remain supreme.
Both Roman - Byzantine and rival Persian empires declined and collapsed after centuries of confrontation and warfare and their territories were easily conquered first by desert Arab Bedouins and then Turkish nomads. Similarly defense over reach and expenditure first brought down USSR in 1990, now it is America’s turn, which spends as much on defense aka 700 billion dollars as the rest of world put together, equivalent to its trade deficit which has grown into 7-8 trillion dollars of debt to China, Japan, Oil states and others. US has failed to even tackle housing mortgage crisis, it has still to face the credit card crisis among others.

However many Indians, even seasoned and perceptive diplomats with US experience remain in awe of the scientific research and innovation being carried out in US - Yes expensive research in weapons of mass destruction which also has some dual civilian use. But even in this USA is slowly losing out to other countries and centers.

“In a study of 120 countries, researchers found that every 10 percent increase in broadband adoption increased a country's GDP by 1.3 percent.” But we have Mulayam Singh Yadav, who is even opposed to computers, so was the other Yadav, Lalu, who after cooking the Bihari goose, cooked up figures of profits by Railways under his charge. He should be prosecuted. They all decry English education, but send their children to English media schools.

All rising powers and empires attract talented persons from other countries as in Arab, Ottoman and US empires. But even if India’s highly talented professionals try to do something in India, they cannot with the Yadavs, Lals, Reddys and other dynasties looking after their castes and regions. In my opinion US does favor only to itself by giving visas and employment to highly educated Indian professionals.

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