Awareness of Oneself

Our belief in God or our non-belief in God should not upset our belief in our self.
I feel very strongly there is nothing like believing in oneself.

Yes we do turn to the Almighty when in distress or when we need His support to ride over our troubles.  What is wrong with that? Don't we turn to our beloved ones, to our near and dear ones when we suffer or we need a shoulder to lean on. Then I ask what is wrong in talking to God, yes I really mean having a chat with God, pouring our troubles to him, weeping, praying, and talking relentlessly for him to lessen our pains. We know, we very well know that He will not step down from his holy abode and wipe away all our anguishes. But he will come to our help in one form or the other and show us a path, a way to make us tide over the obstacles.

Yes I do disagree to spending a fortune or all my wealth over a deity in a temple. But what if in the name of this God, this savior, I help the needy; I appear in the form of the divine and bless the poor.

I feel if I denounce the existence of a strong power of God I am denouncing my very existence.

God is because I am, I am because God is.

I believe in one man, one religion and that religion is humanity. But may be I fear to discard this tag of a particular religion or caste that I belong to, from my very self.

I shall come back to the first sentence of this essay. My fortitude, my conviction, my strength and the ocean of love that I hold in my heart is my God for me. Each time I bring compassion, love, kindness, understanding into my own being, my God is in me.

But each time anger, greed, jealousy engulfs me the God in me disappears and I look for that God in frames, pictures and books and pray to him to relieve my self and purify myself. This method of purgation has to change. We have to look out for the answers within ourselves.


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