Comprehensive Theory of God

Consider the evolution of consciousness as the ultimate goal in the evolution of physical form. Is there a consciousness backdrop that is helping life organize to greater complexity? In a multidimensional Universe, are higher dimensions helping organize life on the lower physical plane? This is a key concept that needs to be examined when discussing theories of God, a higher consciousness that purportedly rules over life-forms.

As single celled organisms evolved into multiple celled creatures, some cells mutated into specialized brain cells. Evolution eventually led to the creation of a central nervous system and the brain. That brain kept getting bigger until a threshold was reached and man gained self awareness. We see clearly in the natural order higher levels of consciousness corresponding to advancement in physical form, but only humans are self aware.

Self-awareness was the key threshold of consciousness that quickly led to God awareness, the perception of a greater consciousness. Did humans really find GOD or did they mislabel their perception? Could it be that humans detected their collective consciousness and called it GOD? Think of this way, if a cell in your body gained awareness that it was part of a larger being of yourself, could it understand what you are? You and your specialized brain cells can understand the cell completely but your individual cell can’t possibly comprehend what you are. To that single cell you are GOD. The cells in your body that make up you have a supra consciousness we call our mind stemming from a neural net of brain cells.

Likewise you can’t perceive the collective consciousness, the GOD of humanity, because of the limits of perception that an individual has relative to the whole. If a cell would call your mind GOD from its limited awareness, you then might call the collective consciousness of man, GOD. With this theory, we can scientifically explain why we have a perceptual problem understanding God.

Once the perception of god was realized, myths arose and circulated until religions formed to officially promote god ideas and theories, the institutionalization of god led to the adherence to doctrine. Religion is the institution formed to protect and promote the faith from generation to generation, a cultural meme. A meme is like a gene, a cultural concept passed to the next generation, a short term adaptation. Because religions are completely lost in erroneous interpretations of myth, they become distorted with time, fragment, and split into new faiths constantly warring with one another.

Religion is the institution of superstition, requiring little to no objective proof or evidence. Doctrine becomes a power structure easily manipulated by high priests (religious politicians) that want absolute psychic dominion over minds of men. All religions are confused because they start with the implied assumption that GOD was separate from humanity instead of sum of humanity being the parents of GOD, the supra-consciousness of man. Christians teach that GOD predated humanity and created the universe in seven days. Fundamentalist Christians attack evolution and ridicule the idea that man evolved from apes. They want to maintain the concept that humans were created by GOD and therefore man must obey the FATHER. They are political and want laws to force people to behave according to their teachings. Their actions betray their evil intention to control the psychic space and limit perception of man so that he never uncovers the truth about his true nature. Religion gravitates toward absolute thought control and has little to do with spirituality.

As we change our collective viewpoint, we changed our thoughts about our highest aspirations. God morphed in the Holy Bible, the Old Testament describes Jehovah as an angry vengeful God killing off humans in a flood, while the New Testament portrays God as the forgiving Jesus dying for mankind on a cross. If our vision of GOD is our highest aspirations, a new higher vision then would force us to change our viewpoint about GOD. Unfortunately for the Bible writers, they labeled GOD as eternally unchanging which directly contradicts writings about the contrary natures of Jehovah vs. Jesus.

So now we know why GOD changes with time and how it’s possible that GOD knows everything we are doing. GOD is humanities supra-consciousness that knows your individual thoughts which is all part of giant thought matrix probably of holographic form. (read the “Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot) We could postulate that once an individual makes the connection between self and the whole that human would gain GOD perception and power.

In the blockbuster movie “The Matrix”, the hero NEO (anagram for “the ONE” a term used to describe Christ) gains control over the matrix when he fully realizes he is in a dream-world and that the dream can be changed because it is only thought-form. Neo becomes Christ when he crosses a psychic threshold and realizes his potential to modify the matrix. Transformational movies like “The Matrix” are created as we gain greater realization of our true nature, they bring what we subconsciously understand into waking consciousness.

Other recommended movies are: “The Truman Show”, “The Thirteenth Floor”, “Dark City”, "Being John Malkovich", and “Pleasantville”. All of these illustrate in different ways a new way of looking at our consciousness. These movies herald a new threshold, an evolutionary jump in consciousness at the cultural level is underway.

Have you ever been inspired by a certain song? Does GOD inspire US through music? Musicians (MUSES of SOUND) often describe that they wrote the hit song effortlessly. It just came to them, spilled out of them magically. Could it be that our sound muses shamanically download a vibration from the supra-consciousness. Our brains are like radios, able to tune into any vibration we wish. The musician senses the need of the collective, tunes into the god vibrations and writes a song that conjoles the masses.

With a comprehensive theory of God we must examine the negative myth concepts we call the DEVIL. If we label the positive aspect of our highest thoughts and aspirations as GOD, then the negative aspects that we perceive we would assign to the dEVIL. Note how the Christian myth describes SATAN (an adaptation of OSIRIS’s evil brother SET that was give horns and a tail in the Egyptian mythology) as once being an ANGEL (a viewpoint, an ANGLE or aspect of) GOD but turned away. The DEVIL is that which is EVIL (LIVE spelled backwards), that which is not GOoD (no good).

As we change our minds (angle of our perception in the hologram) about the highest good, that which we used to associate with god now becomes that which belongs to side of the devil. A thought removed from our collective mind hierarchy is the angel cast out of heaven. For instance, we used to stone people to death for adultery but now that act would be murder and labeled evil. In fact we no longer require people who live together to be married. As we matured into a higher love vibration we were no longer willing to violently control the psychic space.

Why do human’s pray? No other animal on this planet prays. Humans believe that GOD is a separate ALL POWERFUL BEING living up in heaven and that praying to GOD will get HIM TO ACT on ONE’s behalf. GOD is SUPER MAN. (i.e. man’s supra-consciousness living up in heaven of the collective mind). We gain access to GOD through prayer and expect a positive response if we pray long enough. God’s special powers is why we love cartoons of supermen, men with special powers or god-like characters that can rescue us. They act in perfection, unlike us, never having a MIS TAKE. WONDER WOMAN is really ONENESS WOMAN, SUPER MAN is really SUPRACONCIOUSNESS MAN. Our cartoon heroes represent our hidden aspiration to become godlike.

Some religions teach that only they are the chosen ones or that their path the only way into Heaven creating the urgent need to save souls. Prayer can be used in a negative fashion, in the form of psychic attack. Fundamentalists fanatics can PRAY to TRAP the unsuspecting, casting their psychic fishnet far and wide to catch more devotees into their cult. PRAYING then becomes PREYING, a form of black magic. Few people realize that their own personal misfortune may be due to the psychic predations of cultists. When churches perform group prayer asking god for help to save souls they are literally casting a Satanic spell on the populace. Prayer organizes the holographic god-mind, in this case to drive the damned into waiting arms of the cultists. This is the Satan fundamentalists demand you fear, Satan the created angle of god to herd unbelievers through church doors. All psychic energy travels a circular path, the downtrodden victim meets the psychic attackers when being saved.

What God are Christians actually referring to when they say “FEAR THE LORD”? If love and fear are polar opposites of emotions, and if Jesus is the model of the highest good, pure love, then Christians must be referencing the fear based god, Satan. There is no reason to fear love, so we should “FEAR THE LORD SATAN”. Fundamentalist Christianity is a fear based cult worshipping the anti-god Satan. Is it any wonder why fundamentalists universally hate dancing, lovemaking and a free society but love war, abstinence, and restrictions to free thought?

Fundamentalists have one common trait, they absolutely insist that all members rigidly adhere to doctrine. Any person joining a religious cult must suspend their mind, it is the price of membership. Swallowing religious dogma causes gullibility because the mind is put into suspended animation, the individual possessed by hologram angle of god, often referred to as "angelic possession. This is precisely why Evangelical Christians blindly support the Iraq War and it's absolute horrific suffering.

The more irrational the doctrine of a fundamentalist cult, the deeper the psychic pit the mind is thrown. Unable to reason, the mind operates in absolutes, cult members universally believe they are absolutely correct. This invariably leads to militancy and war, death the only means of escape for the mind boxed in by doctrine. Once indoctrinated, the mind is easily manipulated by cult leaders and clever politicians who can easily lead the dead minds into war.

Humans steeped in myth and doctrine have very limited awareness. They blindly adhere to false doctrines and misinterpretations as truth. They childishly believe myth to be literal. They pray to Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, angels, saints, or personalities of particular deities. Religions teach that if you want a certain thing, pray to a specific deity because you’ll have the best chance of actualizing your wish. These deities are really different aspects of GOD and are akin to separate programs, subroutines, operating on the matrix hard drive. Each aspect of GOD an ANGEL, GOD being a holographic thought matrix. Personalities developed on earth might still exist in holographic hyperspace, earth the breeding ground of God’s multiple aspects.

There is order to the physical realm, the term COINCIDENCE IS A MISLABEL. Just because the mechanism causing a coincidence has not yet discovered doesn’t mean that events happen haphazardly. Scientists invented terms like random and chaos because they could not mathematically describe particles in a box or complex flow phenomenon.

Have you’ve ever experienced a really astounding synchronicity? Synchronicities are coincidences that are mathematically improbable and thus gain the attention of the mind operating in the thought matrix. Synchronicities are manifestations of thought into the physical plane. A synchronicity is an energetic event that matches a thought, that is why we view it as an improbable coincidence.

Thought is energy organized. YOUR MIND IS A LOCALIZED POINT OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN A FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Your brain is an ORGANIC computer, ORGANIZING energy into THOUGHT-FORMS that MANIFEST in the physical plane. We are astounded by synchronicities because we have not yet matured to fully accept our creative power, we refuse to own our creation. Man is still a child but rapidly BECOMING a GOD-MAN as he gains awareness that he is fully integrated into the GOD BEING. Synchronicities are scientific proof that our thoughts manifest and it is high time that we leave myth behind and come up with a new theory to explain our actual nature.

Recognizing synchronicities is the key necessary to perceiving the existence of a THOUGHT FIELD. Newton postulated that an unseen force, GRAVITY, caused the apple to fall on his head. You see WAVES on a lake, you postulate that an UNSEEN FORCE called WIND caused the WAVE EFFECT. You experience a phenomenal SERENDIPITOUS EVENT, recognize and admit that the event is SYNCHRONOUS WITH YOUR THOUGHTS and WISHES, then POSTULATE THAT YOUR THOUGHTS MANIFESTED INTO THE PHYSICAL REALM. When people begin to own their creative power, myth will be superseded by scientific explanation, people will mature into self creators, taking responsibility for their thoughts, words, and actions.

We already scientifically understand holograms, fields, waves, dimensions, forces, and energy. WE ALSO LIVE IN A FRACTAL UNIVERSE, constant proportions, that is metaphors stacked upon metaphors. Taking a leap of INTUITION we postulate that SYNCHRONICITIES are EVENTS MANIFESTING into the PHYSICAL DIMENSION of a HYPER-DIMENSIONAL HOLOGRAPHIC FIELD composed of THOUGHT WAVES.

Some men, however, are choosing a negative expression degenerating into pure ego, operating in denial of spiritual principles, acting without compassion because they are resisting the maturation into god man. This is the Apocalypse, huge amount death on the physical plane as man makes it through the threshold into god consciousness. The Apocalypse is the termination of ego consciousness and ego’s expression, religion. Men are already subconsciously aware of the approaching limit, labeling it “end-times”. Religion has such a strong psychic hold on the indoctrinated mass mind that a nuclear holocaust may be necessary to shift consciousness. We know that new forms of life spring forward after a mass extinction.

In 1859 Darwin published the "Origin of Species" directly upsetting the religious "Theories of God" that God created man and man is devolving as he turns away from God.

The evolutionary idea proposes a polar opposite model that man has evolved over thousands of generations into his present form. I am proposing that man is still evolving but his evolution is occurring in the growth of consciousness. The evolutionary goal of a brain of sufficient size to gain self awareness has been achieved. Man is at the peak of evolutionary physical form already, he’s currently evolving from self-aware man to god-man. Self awareness leads to god consciousness and the institution of religion. Religion is only a temporary structure, until god consciousness is realized. This is my Comprehensive Theory of God. God is man’s supra-consciousness gaining awareness in the physical plane resulting in fully integrated man-god being. God then exists in the physical plane, the next goal of evolution in consciousness.   


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