Tamil Brahmins: Lost in Tamil Nadu.

Years ago, well-known Tamil actor and political satirist Mr Cho Ramaswamy had remarked tongue firmly in cheek – “Tamil Brahmins are people who fight with each other, degrade themselves and paint the entire community in shades of dark.” If you look at the events (in literary and movie circles in Tamil Nadu and the political climate), you will realise that Mr Ramaswamy was absolutely right then, he is right even now.

We talk about Kashmiri Pandits becoming strangers in Jammu and Kashmir. The Tamil Brahmins find themselves alienated in their own land. With more than 75% of the younger generation of Tamil Brahmins having moved to foreign land in pursuit of job / education and others scattered across different parts of India, it is an easy guess that population of Tamil Brahmins in Tamil Nadu is steadily waning. The increasing trend of inter-caste marriages is a further threat.

Let us look at how some of the Tamil Brahmins have defiled themselves:

  • Well known Tamil actor Kamal Hasan leads the pack. At every opportunity, he has prided in calling himself an agnostic, but unfortunately the actor has never shied away from depicting Hindu Gods and Brahmins in poor light in his movies. See the irony of the situation..In the movie “Mahanadi”, Kamalhasan is shown visiting the temple and a song plays in the background – Sri Ranga Ranganathanin padam vandanam solladi” (Bow before the Lotus feet of Lord Ranganatha!)
  • In most Kamal Hasan movies, the lady with the 9-yard saree is a caricature, (Example, in one of his movies, an old lady in a 9-yard saree is shown stealing; in his movie Avvai Shanmughi (the Tamil version of “Chachi 420”), he has shown how the lady in the nine-yard saree unabashedly flaunts her assets and entices men to lust after her.)
  • No one has made mockery of the language used by Brahmins like Kamal Hasan has. His nieces Suhasini Manirathnam and Anu Haasan are not far behind. They consider themselves so progressive that Anu Hasan models for eggs, chicken masala, anything that is considered taboo in a Brahmin society.
  • In the name of exposing age-old traditions in Tamil Brahmin community that were regressive, well-known Tamil novelist  Sivasankari ended up projecting Tamil Brahmins in poor light in some of her novels. She, along with another novelist called Indumathi, wrote a Tamil novel called “Irandu Per” (Two persons) where a bored Brahmin wife is sexually attracted to a photographer (shades of the Bengali movie Paroma perhaps ?).
  • K Balachander of course gets the credit as the director for showing Tamil Brahmins in poor light in the maximum number of Tamil movies and one Hindi movie (Ek Duje Ke Liye, which incidentally featured Kamal Haasan). Remember the hero’s father in Ek Duje Ke Liye who carps endlessly ?
  • In “Arangetram” (1974), Balachander had the gall to compare a Tamil Brahmin girl’s rape with the first dance recital of a Bharat Natyam student. “Arangetram” is the debut on-stage performance of a “Bharat Natyam” student.
  • When it was released, “Arangetram” raised the hackles in Tamil Nadu.The movie was a super hit. However, K balachander failed to recreate the magic in Hindi (the movie “Aaina” featuring Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz).
  • In “Arangetram”, the protagonist is the eldest of eight siblings. (Kamal haasan is one of them). The protagonist questions her mother as to why she has not adopted methods of family planning and is privy to her mother secretly moving to the kitchen to satiate her husband’s lust. Such a screen play was written by K Balachander in the name of realism. Worse, after her rape, the protagonist decides to become a prostitute to support her   family. In the end, her siblings turn out to be ungrateful and the protagonist loses her sanity.
  • By the way, I am a great fan of Mr K Balachander but find some of his views discordant and more extremist than rational.
  • K Balachander’s daughter married outside the community so may be Balachander was disillusioned with the Brahmin community as a whole and so he chose to depict such scenes on screen that portrayed Tamil Brahmins in poor light.
  • A movie called “Savithri” was released in the mid 80s and then banned. This movie shows a young Brahmin wife (in nine yards) who is forced to marry a man who is much older than her. The protagonist leads a platonic life with her husband, gets frustrated and in the bargain is seduced by an artist who visits the village. In the end, she commits suicide.
  • There was another movie called “Agraharathil kazhuthai” (“A donkey in Brahmin lane”) by director John which I believe won a few awards.
  • The late writer Anuradha Ramanan wrote a story called “Chirai” (Prison) in which a Brahmin wife deserted by her husband after being raped by a Catholic man goes and lives with the Catholic man. When the latter dies, she removes her mangal sutra and leads the rest of her life as the latter’s widow. Progressive thought yes, but why Anuradha chose to show the protagonist as a Brahmin inspite of the fact that so many other communities exist in Tamil Nadu is anyone’s guess. Of course, Anuradha Ramanan was a hardcore Tamil Brahmin.
  • I believe Anuradha went one step ahead and portrayed the wife of a Tamil priest as succumbing to the lecherous glances of another person in her novel “ Kootu puzhukkal” (Worms living in groups).
  • Then you had well known writer Sujatha (Rangarajan) who began writing a serial story in the Tamil Magazine “Kumudam” in the 80s. The story titled as “Black Red White” was centered on the 1857 revolution. Sujatha, in his inimitable style, peppered the story with liberal doses of sex; he made the colossal mistake of naming one of the characters in the novel after one of the non-Brahmin communities in Tamil Nadu. Within two weeks, Sujatha (who lived in Bangalore at that time) received death threats and phone calls that his hands would be chopped off. Copies of the magazines were burnt by the said community with the threat that if publication of the serial continued, the editorial office would be burnt to ashes. The serial was stopped abruptly. The magazine and the writer   profusely apologised for hurting the sentiments of the community. Much later, Sujatha rewrote the novel as “Rattam Orey Niram” (Blood is of  the same colour).
  • One more Tamil Brahmin who wrote under the pseudonym “Hema Anandatheerthan” wrote such vulgar novels which were pure pulp fiction. His protagonists were mostly Brahmin girls who lusted after men.

Thus, three factors contributed to degradation of Tamil Brahmins in Tamil Nadu.

• Negative influence of movies
• Negative influence of Tamil literature
• The Dravidian rule in Tamil Nadu

Ask any like-minded Tamil Brahmin settled abroad or settled in other parts of India, whether he would like to relocate to Chennai. The answer would be a strict no. Chennai auto drivers are notorious but they are particularly harsh on Tamil Brahmins. Some of my cousins who studied in Chennai have shared anecdotes of how they were ragged for speaking the Brahmin language.

A Malayalee will always support a Malayalee, but a Tamil Brahmin, will always work against other Brahmins. The people whom I have mentioned in the above paragraphs are classic examples. The net result of all these is that Tamil Brahmins are slowly losing their identity in Tamil Nadu.

2010. A village in Tamil Nadu. A street that houses Brahmins called as Agraharam”. Unlike the past, where “Agraharam” was symbolic of “Brahmins”, today  the “Agraharm” is a mere prop. Not a single house in the “Agraharam” belongs to a Brahmin.

 2050. A child born to Tamil Brahmin parents asks his mother, ‘Mother, what is an agraharam?”. The distraught mother promises her child that she will rather take him to the exhibition/ museum, as she herself is unable to answer the question.


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Comment Shocked to read the posts. Can we all thinks like a family instead of discriminating brahmins and non brahmins. No one is superior or inferior ultimately under the Creators eyes,
if we truly believe in GOD, how can we believe his creation is imperfect? Everyone has his own strengths and weaknesses. We cannot boast anything because everything belongs to HIM. We own NOTHING. These type of petty thoughts only ignites turmoil and stirs animosity. It is a vicious cycle. Lets hold hands instead.

latha venkatesh
01-Feb-2020 22:14 PM

Comment One more stupid article from Brahmin, playing self victim, brahmin well know for spreading there idiotic superstitious among people, we can see why least Brahmin populated south Indian states were well developed when compared to highly Brahmin populated states like Rajasthan, up, Bihar were still in poverty and poorly developed and also high in irrational. The caste discrimination which Brahmins uphold show how immoral community there are.. people migrated to aboard just because they pay more..

10-Mar-2019 00:16 AM

Comment I have friends across communities. I feel that My Identity is irrelevant.
a DNA Test on all tamilians would prove that both the Aryan Invasion Theory and Dravidian Theories are Untrue. In fact The purest of races would be the Tribes in Andaman and Nicobar.

The Sanskrit word drāviḍa is used to denote the geographical region of South India.[6] It was coined by Adi Shankara (788 CE-820 CE) when he was questioned, he proclaimed himself to be a "Drāviḍa Śiśu,".. Well Here you go...

04-Feb-2019 00:28 AM

Comment Non brahmins and dalits and Muslims are miserable creations
they have ben enjoying quotas and reservations for 7 decades
they have not won a single Nobel prize, have not started a single software company. They stink from 10 miles distance

brahmins are best

periyar sumbakoothi
08-Dec-2016 01:03 AM

Comment Our predicessors must have had an inkling into the poor state of Bhramins throughout India to-day. To uplift their lot, they had given Gayathri manthra to them so that they will be protected (Gayathreem chandasam MATHA). WIth the advent of English education, we started neglecting this and degraded ourself by Tobacco, alchohol and non-vegetarianism. How then you hope to be respected?We have to realise the importance of thrikala Sandhya Vandanam. Mostly such orthodox families have escaped the cultural onslaught. Those who are really worried can chant "the Sri SThuthi" composed by Sri Vedantha Desikan which ends with : "KALIKALUSHA NIVRUTHYAI KALPAMANAM PRAJAANAM......"

Thupul Raghavan
07-Dec-2016 02:34 AM

Comment No caste can't be compensate Brahmins, we are something different from others, we are god gifted human beings.

27-Sep-2016 23:29 PM

Comment Brahmins are picked on in TN because they are a passive lot. Try doing the same to Thevars or Nadars and see the ensuing chaos. It was the result of pure envy (how could 3% of population hold such disproportionate % of high jobs?). The perpetrators EVR, Annadurai, Karunanidhi et al. did not stop to think that their intellect, hardwork and ethics were the reason. I left India because of the scourge of reservation. It is such a pity it still continues. My suggestion to young Brahmins: get out of Tamil Nadu at least, if not India. Stop assisting the so-called dravidians to persecute your own people. Maybe start a Gandhian style non-co-operation movement till reservation policy is thrown out. All Brahmin doctors, engineers and software people should together go on a strike. But, NO, we will continue bearing the insults, because that is our DNA!!

07-Jul-2016 23:02 PM

Comment Brothers and sisters this is a wake up call against Brahmin terrorism ,It is not the british who started divide and rule,it is the brahmins who divided india before them ,these fellows are the main reason of all caste problems ,they will supress every other caste ,they simply try to achieve by being good to the other caste member who is in higher position ,that is how they divide tamils ,telugus ,malyali , kannadigar’s ,we are not against religion ,but these Brahmin fellows ,who are destroying every indian .in every state these brahmins are quietly having a good time ,in indulging us against fighting within other caste members.
Below are the facebook pages these brahmins have started ,some of these pages they have mentioned there caste is getting ruined by Inter-Caste Breeding Threatens ,these pages they created to supress the dravidians
Brahmin’s power will prevail , brahmins are in charge ,have been and will be

18-Jun-2016 14:55 PM

Comment Give sacred threads to interested Non-Brahmins, spread Samskritam among masses, spread good things in Hindu religion to the masses. They will kick out the Dravidian Movement started by British and vested interests eg.E.V.R., T.M.Nair, Purushottam Naidu to divide and rule the Tamils.

Only through love and intelligence can the people be won. We should be united.

Srinivasan Angirasan
18-May-2016 08:37 AM

Comment Posting six years after the last post - do I have the last word? :D

My one take : All your lamenting shows only that you are wallowing in self-pity, or you'd like to believe that you deserve some kind of sympathy or pity.

Its a tough world. Wake up, smell the filter kaapi. Its done and dusted - you (we?) are no longer in favor, and things will never go back to normal. Get over that fact.

Move on, and make your mark, stay connected. Maybe there was some discrimination/domination in the past. Maybe you (we?) dont any more. Maybe you (we?) were oppressed later on. Maybe its not so prevalent any more. But a strong person rises in spite of adversity, and uses it as a challenge to improve him/herself.

Nobody loves you (us?). Well, its not their job to. You want love and respect?

You have to earn it.

Y'all need to stop crying about things that do not matter any more. Haters are gonna hate - do you want to stop walking the path of progress to cry over spilt milk, or do you want to pick yourself and (pardon the french) put foot to a$$ and make your mark in the world? Or do you want to stagnate and commit community-suicide?

Time and tide wait for no man. We're talking about a whole community here - so that should go double.

'Nuff said.

Guha K
08-May-2016 13:02 PM

Comment At the outset, i am a tamil bramhin but not an orthodox bramhin though born into one.Having said that there has been a mass exodous of tamil bramhins in the name of self respect movement and reservation terrorism, bramhin who feel thay have no chance of getting a seat in colleges decided to relocate to other places ,mostly abroad but there is ahuge population living in other metros like bangalore, mumbai and Delhi. It is grossly unfair to single out bramhins for all the ills in the society. i agree bramhin when they were 20% of states population were arrogant and were racist, but so was other communites. today after 60 years of independence the dalit still lives with the same stigma of being born in a dalit family and faces opression from goundars, thevars, vanniars and nadars. but also would want to thank the periyar movement for making the bramhins what they are today. today the tamil bramhins hold high posts and positions in big MNC's. Most of the top execs world over are tam bramhins. It is the same tamil bramhins that DMK is wooing to set up shop and business in Tamilnadu. people who were once a mere govt employess were turned into enterpreuners by the TN govt anti bramhin policies. Even today most of the industrial houses are controlled by bramhins, the simpsons, the addisons, the sivasailams, the india cemets group, the tvs, sanmar, DSR whole lot of them are still run by bramhins. Be it the fiorstr ceo of wipro, TCS, cognizant nd for that matter most IT cos are bramhins.Venkatesh is right that these tamilbramhins who were chased away by fellow tamils are not willing to come back and invest in tamilnadu and are investing in other cities.

Rajiv Srinivasan
27-Apr-2016 04:18 AM

Comment It is true that Brahmins have prospered and enriched Tamil Nadu for long. e.g. All Tamil cricketers representing India have been Brahmins. We need to bring other communities also on par with them. Reservation is an excellent tool to improve the livelihood of millions of poor people. 2.5% Tamils bramins produce so much 10 cricketers then we need to ensure at least 400 non-brahmin cricketers should represent India.

Growing up in 80s and 90s, Doordarshan was dominated by this minority.

We need to ensure that IIT and REC have appropriate proportion of the majorities.

Above all, every brahmin must abandon this thought they are racially or in any way a superior category of people. All men and women are equal. Brahmins are not special.

Al S
11-Mar-2016 19:52 PM

Comment well said t.r.

14-Jan-2016 21:04 PM

Comment Now at this stage what we have to think is how to remove the dirt, differences among the brahmin community in Tamil Nadu. Like other community they have many divisions. For example the Muslim community Sanny and Sia group and in Christianity Roman Catholic and Protestant, in Jainism Swatembara & Digambara. In tamil Brtahmin Iyengar and Iyer. What is main difference one followed Vaishnavism and other Advaida ( Lord shiva devotee ). It is not understood the Branhmin who admired highly literate group is main to destroyer of Hindu. They are selfish, Simply wearing Janeva ( Poonul) is inidcatng birth to a brahmin couple and not worthful brahmin. Vedaandago Brahmnat mean correctly study the Vedas and encourage Patshala system to develope other may be any community. But, the main duty of Tamil Brahmin now a days to educate their childres and make them a software professional and either by hook or crooke send them to Foreign. Their duty is finished. In Old age praise their own and iive alone at old age where their children are taking liquor and dancing wiith other enjyoing their life. The Old Brahmin died only with expectation that their children will come for fruneral . Unfortunately their childrem also expressed their inanbiolity to come . "punaravi jananam punaravi maranam". This is to be stopped. All Tamil Brahmin to unite in one single group. Leave own audacity. Do not bifurcate brhmins in groups. Devolope Hinduism. Teach Veda Vedanta, or jointly discuss and Praise God. Educate Poor children of any caste. Do not accumulate anything excessively. In those days the Chola, Pandiya, kings donated all their property and construct temples and land to temple of that place with a motive to feed to poor. Do not try to send children to other country. In this way neither they are happy nor the Tamil Brahmans living alone. We are ruining our own culture, Veaa and noble philosophy. There is always shadow under the burning lamp. But the lamp giving darkness to own and giving light to others. Keep the golden advice Sarve Janans sukhinobavandu.. Do not analysis others. Sun is heat Moon is having dark shadow, inspite of that the Sun and moon are God always helpful to protect all living things.

08-Jan-2016 07:34 AM

Comment It is a true fact that only Iyers have won 3 nobel prizes.No matter how much hatred u non brahmins have on us, u ppl are not intelligent like us.We are racist because of our intelligence and will continue to be forever.So many of my relaties are us citizens and we are not dependent on tamilnadu to become rich.ppl like kamal is not even a graduate and its nothing but dogs barking against the sun

28-Dec-2015 02:57 AM

Comment I feel very bad about this issue. I am a non-brahmin.

What I think is,
dravidian movement started by periyar is not tamil, karunanidhi is not tamil.
The have spread hatred among people by anti brahmin movement

What might be the reason?
* Might be their cunningness have caught by tamil brahmins,
* So they wanted to destroy the peace of tamil brahmins by gathering foolish followers
and distract them from looking into their political cunningness.
* They have destroyed the greatness of tamil brahmin culture.

Dravidian movement is meaning less,
Wikipedia says that,
telugu, tulu, malayalam, tamil, kannada, brahui and even some more languages belong to dravidian
even tulu have brahmins, malayalis have brahmins, if they are dravidians why not tamil brahmins?

and brahui is somewhere in pakistan, if they are dravidians why not tamil brahmins?

It is actually to make the people fool and spread hatred and divide people and rule and they enjoy by seeing tamils fight with eachother.

Because they don't care about it, they are not tamils.

A great revolution must come and karunanidhi familya adichi verattanum.
Ippo vishal nadigar sangathula periya pulliya aayirukkaru, innum enna ennatha ellan naan paaka poreno.

Namma chozha naatin perumayai yaar kaapatha porangalo.


21-Oct-2015 10:29 AM

Comment True Tamil Brahmins are worst hated and treated in T Nadu .
Entire community is at collapse and weakness
Christians and Muslims flourish and enjoy life in chennai and T Nadu
No brahmin voices for any co brahmin whether rich or poor
Fear in youngsters and Foolishness in Elder old brahmin people and family still exists in T Nadu Recent Sanskrit samalenam was poorly crowded and 70% brahmins did not bother to use the opportunity
Other Non brahmin people who consider not to irritate or snub brahmins that too in single digit were giving their presence
It has become a bloody criminal culture and way of life in T Nadu to decry brahmins and Glorify themselves as Heroes good for nothing
Even malayalees and North indians are comfortable and treated as humans and tolerated by these nonsense periyar followers and N Brahmins but to say they are up on their feet to destroy and cause mental retardness in Tamil brahmins always quoting Peryar Anna kalaignar whom these people had no ideoogy but to decry tamil brahmins and allow DKs to beat Tamil brahmins and kill them and take away their ladies ONLY BECAUSE THESE TAMIL BRAHMINS ALWAYS TRY TO BE GOOD IDIOTS AND CURTFUL THNKING BRAHMINS ARE ONLY TO TOLERATE

22-Sep-2015 09:08 AM

Comment this is injustice

A revolution must happen against caste system and for equality, strict rules must be implemented on teasing, bullying.

12-Aug-2015 09:40 AM

Comment no point cribbing. I think we brahmins should leave TN for good. NB get all the govt jobs and even before they land a job they start thinking about all the possible malpractices they can do in that post. all the jobs are taken by them and corruption is on the raise. we can only fight what we can fight. If you have a chance to migrate to another country and if you don't it is criminal and you are doing gross injustice to your children and the future generations. if you can't migrate to another country at least move to a different state, let us say Karnataka. Any state is better for brahmins than TN. I want to see a stage where TN has zero brahmins and we are all spared of the discrimination. I left TN and India just because of all the discrimination against us in the society, education and jobs. God bless.

17-Jul-2015 01:05 AM

Comment I t is trueTamil Brahmins are lost in T Nadu
They have lost all guts and situation is from worst to worst severe that Political and Financial status is zero on Brahmins in t nadu.
it is 200% true tamil Brahmins neither help themselves or helped by N Bs since they have become opportunists
Open threats and intellectual threats are common phenomina in t nadu that it is now really under the GODs mercy
Tamil Brahmins are no more intelligent nor treated even the wretched poor by NBs
Un geatfuless to Brahmins is taken as a pride of achievement by NBs Politicians and Proffessionals educated as well as un educated Non Brahmins Brahmins also are hating other Brahmin familys as well as youngster as well as old persons(refer 2 days back attack by DK on old Brahmin priests 80 years old even without human value or consideration)
This is actual Bulliasm occurring and will recur again in T NADU until left out some affluent Brahmin people voice this bulliyng tactics by DK DMK DMDK MDMK ADMK
Where will they go out of Tamil Nadu and other state people are even questioning such things why so
Periyar has told to Tamil Brahmins and N Bs are following it which I think tamil Brahmins deserve this since they can never fight and also will not do so
Tamil Brahmin association leaders are not daring to take this as serious as it deserves to be
Why cant the culprits be booked to life imprisonment under Human rights act for causing pain and distress to Old Humans above 80 years
If they have collapsed in the attack what will be the fate for innocent chaps to be scape goated
the assasins have raised slogans Long live Periyar
T Nadu every city and corner and road junction is of Perijar statues and DK DMK ADMK DMDK MDMK AND ANY N Bs are garlanding and glorifying these actions which is not voiced by any Brahmin in fear and foolish silence thinking people will honour them for their patience
Now every body has become aware that Brahmins fear fully living in minority and NBs are happy that they are ill treated as per periyar wishes and Karunanidhis polical vision and that of Vaiko and all others except BJP only to give a small word of realistic exclamation it should not happen where only one single MP is selected
All others are enjoying this as fun including Iyengar chaps who distinct themselves from Iyers for such sad state of affairs for Brahmins in t nadu
brahminassociation president has note even willing to talk to me on this when asked for discussions
Atleast let us Hail DK sand their associates for this victorious act of beating poor age old Brahmins above 80 age as Gods prasadams
What else can be expected at this situation
Central Government as a special ordinance similar to Kashmir should give Minority status to Tamil Brahmins Iyers only as Sanskrit as their mother tongue which every NB tamil will agree for they see using in temples and ALL DK dmk admk mdmk dmdk will have to agree under leadership of karunanidhi since heavy protest was given by T NBs against Sanskrit except Tamil Iyers since they patronage Sanskrit and pray in temple in Sanskrit but due to bullying by NBs and Dravid partys as a whole they are suffering
So considering al above Tamil Brahmin Iyers should be given minority status and one MLA /MP post reserved for these poor minority people whos suffering are not heard by any of NBs because of their separate identity as dravidians who speak a diffirent tamil only they know which Tamil iyer cannot understand or pronounce as justified
Will Centre ruled BJP do this rulin Tamil pandits@

v shankar
27-Apr-2015 12:47 PM

Comment Regarding Kamal hassan----He thrib=ves on controversy.No brahmin objects to his eating anything he fancies. But when it comes to denigrating superstitions why does he puck on Hindu pseudo godmen only,Has he not heard ofevangelical cure by christian by evangelical outfits;Why eve Benny got himself admitted into a hospital when he had cardiac problem.Why did he not try the same prayers.Again he is one of the many tamil cinemastarsthtt ruined Royapettah Benefit Fund. The moral in India is simple.If you are rich. powerful,politically ewll conncted you can get away wu=ith anything. I wish Kamal hassan well

23-Apr-2015 03:39 AM

Comment Mind Mr.P.S.Sathashivam Chattiyar,
First of all you are not even eligible to the name Sathashivam. You know the Lord Sathashivam is a Brahmin. You have started commenting even the lord's status. Commenting on a community as whole is not at all fair. People like you are created and still creators of problems in the Great Cultured Land Tamil Nadu. The Tamil Brahmins have created that culture. You are money lenders living with interest which is the worst of the worst profession. Even the Muslim community also will not agree to such type of living. People like you have spoiled the harmony of life in this mother earth. Even you are not Tamils. You are barbarians of Africa. Negros. If you have any doubts refer Google Web to know about your previous history. You are worms of the world eating the remains.No worlds are sufficient to comment. Once you are the majority converted to Iyyangars and created nuisances with in the community. You are the spoilers. You have no place to go other than to Africa back. You will not be accepted any where. The days are not so far for you people. You are the people grabbed the property and money of the Brahmins as well as the other poor Tamils and dragged them to poverty and compelled them to go out from Tamil Nadu. Those Brahmins were gone out from there are very well settled in other cities of India and abroad. They are peaceful people. You do not know Mr. Chettiyar how to live in harmony. You are money minded people. If any Brahmins by birth came out of the Brahmin culture, they can very well re-establish there line of discipline even in a day. But you cannot Mr.Chattyar. You are Africans. You do not even know to spell culture. The how can you know about culture. So do not be worried about us.We agree we are Aryans. We are broadminded people. Not narrow minded Africans. One day you will be thrown out from your society also. You will not be accepted by any community. We Brahmins are all united, we have our own discipline and tradition. You people made us poor. But the Almighty have shown a living outside. Even in poverty we maintain our culture and identity. We have the eternal strength. The black Africans created a label of Chettiyar and roaming around to collect interest from the Tamil Nadu people. Once you have cheated the Iyyangar community and got and entrance in the Brahmin Community. Mind it.Skin is not the factor. Your in look and out look is dark. Without Cows and Brahmins the place also become dark. It is very near. K.R. Iyer

Krishna R. Iyer
18-Apr-2015 21:53 PM

Comment Oh Rama should save the pitty Brahmin hitted by the surroundings.
ignoured by relatives, betrayed by their lusterious wifes, runaway daugheter's with NB's. cheated by their collegues, every side the angry tone calling pappan.

04-Apr-2015 06:19 AM

Comment Change is the need of the hour.
Brahmins in TN feel they have been pushed into a corner and let there by unity amongst them before you think of a third person who is against you.. Believe in doing good work, follow good ethics and
no one will bother you ever.

23-Mar-2015 09:25 AM

Comment The anti-brahmin feeling is waning in tamil nadu - may be many left and there is marginal presence of them beyond Trichy - isolated and hopelessly outnumbered. The agraharam and the resultant culture created by is rdeplaced by kovil record dance, sand mining, land occupation, granite mining, corruption, unethical practices of all sorts and the nadir 'tasmac'. What a development. Brahmins are not exclusive product of Tamil Nadu. They have considerable presence everywhere. When gthedy are not targeted in elsewhere why should they be targeted in tamil nadu. All the educational institutions, school, hospitals are owned by the so called backward classes who are powerful and rich and exploit the poor deserving backward class like leeches. It needs 5 lakhs by one really backward to get his siblings educated to pay the powerful backward who owes everything except heaven. They call it as 'social justice'. What a pathetic condition. The other common comment is education opportunity was deniced to the non-brahmins. Tell me how great grand fathers had a degree qualification. Is not formal education a britich concept and thus two century old. Stydying and practicing a dharmic life is not at all possible to all. One thing is certain. the centry old anti -brahmin mindset made a tamil brahmin a world product. The loss is losing the geographical identity but not cultural background. No world can progress without intelligent people. Of course it is not limited to brahmins alone. It is the time to review and forego this unwanted anti-brahmin feeling. May it last for another five decades ?

Raja K
15-Feb-2015 09:18 AM

Comment No matter how ever you hate Brahmins and show your jealousy they will find way for good living. So stop cribbing about it and learn how you can do better. All politicians did was to create hatred against Brahmins to get their votes.

Stop making this hatred bull shit and start working to make your life better!

27-Dec-2014 17:43 PM

Comment Brahmins are a cunning lot . Kamal Haasan is 100% right in his portrayal of brahmins. They can simply get out of TN for good. Tamil Nadu will be a better place without these selfish, cunning brahmin idiots.

These days too, brahmin idiots are propagating caste-ism by not renting out their houses to non-brahmins. They are basically racists.

Kamal Haasan, being a gem of a person, is obviously ashamed about his brahmin roots and brahmin practices. Hence he has thrown away his brahmin identity and he is living as a human now.

09-Nov-2014 09:59 AM

Comment The only blunder the community did is to abandon the villages they live and moved to towns and cities for education and employment. If they have stayed back in their agragharam and spreading Dharma they would have reached a great hights, Go back to agraharam and spread dharma. Nobody is against you.

02-Nov-2014 07:22 AM

Comment All i can say from the above comments what i saw. People are still in a stereotypical thinking about brahmins. Untouchability doesn't exist in Brahmanism it is only a part of morning ritual where a person have to be neat while praying to the god odor from other bodily contact will disturb the ritual.

Ajaypal singh said brahmins doesn't sweat for their earnings to correct they are the one caste who make wholesome leaving through hardwork. They didn't weep in the corner because of reservation issues and striving harder for better living.

Every person is opportunistic, not only brahmins, when time comes. I have seen many non-Brahmins betraying their own people. So its not different.

Many non-brahmins are going for non-veg, which is regretful, there are still true brahmins out there who will stand for injustice and animal rights. Striking on a single community is not grateful. Trying to lead a life like them with morality is which mankind should look forward for the world to be a better place.

31-Oct-2014 16:03 PM

Comment 1. The loss of Tamil Brahmins is a HUGE LOSS to India, and a HUGE GAIN to the United States/ UK/ Singapore and other places that this community has migrated to.

2. The Jews and the Sindhis are other communities which were expelled, but were able to become extremely successful around the world due to their intelligence. Tamil Brahmins will succeed no matter where they go due to their inherent skills, versatility, above-average looks, and extreme intelligence.

3. If Tam Brahms can temper the above qualities with humility and compassion, they will also be great human beings capable of helping people-alas, you can count the number of such tamil brahmins. Make sure to keep them as your friends if you encounter one such rare human in your travels.

3. Tamil Brahmins have only themselves to blame for this situation. They have become extremely hypocritical, avaricious and selfish. The worst educated lot that I have seen in my global life.

4. Parents of the current Tamil Brahmins in the age group of 25-35 have neglected their duties, and will pay their due price in the form of Karma-there is no escaping this fact. Many parents whom I know do not want to get their sons and daughters married at the right age due to their own selfish needs. In fact, they deliberately block weddings citing silly reasons and scaring the children from commitment. They also nag their kids into taking them to foreign countries for visits, and opening bank accounts in their names. The net result is sexual frustration (I do not think one can expect a man or a woman to abstain till 35?), and emotional deprivation. All such parents will get special needs children that they need to support in their next lives, or they will not have any children even if they want one badly.

5. I, myself, being a Tamil Brahmin, despise my community. I am extremely spiritual, but this does not prevent me from disliking this group. I have met 1-2 rare jewels, and continue to maintain my friendship only with them in this otherwise moribund group.

6. Any decent, compassionate, and educated tamil brahmin would not want to live in Tamil Nadu, or even in India.

global warrior
28-Oct-2014 02:19 AM

Comment Almost everybody atleast in Tamilnadu knows majority Brahmins are peace loving in nature and they are only responsible for the development in all spheres.For only political reasons knowing very well that Brahmins will not respond seriously on allegations Political leaders for their own gains they started ill treating Brahmins by envy due to superiority in caste enjoyed by them even now.Elders of other community will accept even now about Brahmins helping the needy people even if he is not having much.All political persons know the intellect and ability of Brahmins.Percentage of bad elements exists in all and can not be taken as example

27-Oct-2014 08:46 AM

Comment I am as tamil cultural Tanjure Brahmin.My father was died in my young age.In my earnings only supported all my sisters marriages upto my age of 35..Due, to poor support of relative, I was married some other caste girl.Because, no one ready to give daughters more burden in my family..I got financial support to married in the slight lower caste girl.I was developed brahmin cultural habitual practices.My life is going to enjoy.

Venkat Iyer
21-Oct-2014 07:24 AM

Comment I have seen situations where you feel like condemning an act of wrong doing. I mostly leave it at that and do not pass any comment. At a later point of time, the person or person who performed that condemnable act comes forward and whole heartedly apologized showing me that I am right when I had kept quite.
Even here we can see that whatever may have happened or happening will definitely change and certainly things will come to a logical conclusion. It is upto us to have restrain and self control so that we do keep out of the muck.
Let us enforce self control within ourselves then our family. If that is done then the society will change.
As a child I have seen my mother and father perform their daily poojas. we were not allowed to touch them till they have their food. If there were some poojas to be performed in the evening then the same madi continued. This some may call as untouchability. I do not know how others can have a problem with what I practice at home. My home is My personal space and I can practice what I want, No one has any right to comment on it. One should firmly believe in what is good for them , their society and their neighbourhood. If one is caring then things around one will automatically change.

01-Oct-2014 10:53 AM

Comment Forget all these arguments for and against the Tamil Brahmins.



There are TWO types of Brahmins.

Born Brahmins

Practising Brahmins.

The Born Brahmins are just Born Brahmins. They just EAT, DRINK AND SLEEP.




You decide which one you are. Just a Plain BORN BRAHMIN or a PRACTISING BRAHMIN.

If you are just a plain BORN BRAHMIN, it is NEVER TOO LATE to move to the right track.



Do this for a period of 21 days without fail and you can see the BRIGHT HORIZON opening up to you.

All the Best. Be Positive. As long as life is there, Hope is there.


05-Sep-2014 16:57 PM

Comment The poison of caste was created by Brahmins to dominate all the native people in tamil nadu, kerala , karnataka & andhra,

Oh forgot to mention their cunningness. Just imagine how many non-brahmins play in the tamil nadu cricket team. Maybe 2 out of 11. All are brahmins becoz the TNCA owned by a brahmin and non-brahmins are never allowed to make a living out of cricket in TN, the so called the non brahmin bastion of india.
Brahmins are just 5% of the population in TN, but they make up of 90% of the playing XI of the TN cricket team. This is happening in 21st century and not in 19th or 20th century.
Sometimes i feel they totally deserve this treatment in TN, else SC's and ST's will always be a poor peasant.

31-Aug-2014 18:59 PM

Comment You Brahmins are treating non- Brahmin Tamils as inferior because they are not fair like you, right? Then why do you go to US or Europe? People there are more fair and advanced than you. Can they treat you the same way as you treat your fellow non- Brahmin Tamilans?

Stra Nger
23-Jul-2014 05:37 AM

Comment Sathaasivam "chettiyar" has shown his ignorance in his post. The aryan invasion theory has been proved false. Brahmins developed tamil langauge. The tamil thatha "U.Ve.Swaminatha Iyer" is a brahmin.

It is the dravidian parties which have ruined tamilnadu. Their family members study in english convents.

It is the non brahmins who flaunt their castes. Sathaasivam is your name, why do u add "chettiyar" as suffix?

Caste clashes are always amongst non brahmins. Can you point out a single caste clash involving brahmins?

14-May-2014 05:33 AM

Comment Brahmins are the worst people of India. It is they who started all the malpractices in indian society by giving them religious sanction. They divided men in 4 castes and put themselves on top. They started sati for women of other castes but prohibited sati to themselves, so that brahmin women do not suffer. They made ridiculous dharmasastras( manusmriti, etc.) that are the pinnacle of showing brahmin dominance in writing. They made the act of killing a brahmin a SIN, so they could do anything they wanted but would never be punished to death. They didn't pay taxes and held entire villages in ancient times. They polluted the ancient tamil language by using sanskrit words.The Dravidian Movement has driven most of tamil brahmins out of tamil nadu. Brahmins should be driven completely out of india. They are not even original Indians (definitely not ORIGINAL TAMILS) unlike other castes... they are aryans... that have come from outside.

PS. Sathaasivam Chettiar
02-May-2014 00:30 AM

Comment In North India I am proud to say we Brahmins still dominate and rule
Only in tamilnadu, anti-Brahmin clan swept into power and destroyed Brahmins

but it is all a cycle
In tamilnadu BJP is coming to power and Sanskrit and Brahmins will come back with a force

Kumbakonam Iyengar
19-Apr-2014 15:24 PM

Comment Dravidian non-Brahmins must be taught a lesson in Tamilnadu
First, BJP should come to power in India and make it unlawful for non-brahmins to make anti-Brahmin comments in movies and political slogans

I am a Tamil Brahmin who sought job in West, due to DMK discrimination
and have not regretted my decision. I married a brahmin girl, and friends only with Brahmin families. I have kannada and UP Brahmin friends. I eat strict veg, do Yoga and keep good health

I am proud to have been born a Brahmin and I chant vedas

Kumbakonam Iyengar
19-Apr-2014 12:45 PM

Comment You cant wake up the people who pretend to sleep! The comments show only perceived / imaginatory discrimination on the erst while dominant communities with out looking out the actual figures. one cant change the mindset of people who deliberately bent on seeing themselves as victims rather than as perpetrators. Every one seeing what is happening in places like chidambaram temple where tamil is kicked in the ass and the so called divine language given place of pride and the people behind all this. This is in 20th and 21st century where the so called discrimination happened / happening not in the golden age caste superiority.
one should identify with the society in which they live and form part of it for so long. if you dont and see yourselves as different , fine its better you go wherever you find it comfortable. TN shall never lose. it has never depend on any one particular community for its progress. it is the collective conciousness of being tamil that drives its cultural and economic mileau. whether one move away or move on or stay where you are and what not , things will move on in its course whether one likes it or not.

21-Dec-2013 14:49 PM

Comment Brahmins in all parts of India have caused damage to Hinduism but Tamil brahmins have caused much more as summarized by Nagesh above and also explained by the revered Paramacharya of Kanchi in this article or speech.

I am a Tamil brahmin myself though settlers of Kerala. The dharma of the brahmin as per the scriptures was to obtain the grace of the Gods through Veda chanting and austerities for the wellbeing of his other Hindu brothers. However, we see that only about 10-25% of brahmins are good minded today and work with a sense of self sacrifice whether they are in priesthood or in other occupations. By and large the Tamil brahmins in Kerala have much better brotherhood feelings to non-brahmin Malayali Hindus, but not to say that they do not have castiest pride, cunningness etc as stated by Nagesh above. I was a member of RSS in Kerala and we had good brotherhood feelings to all Hindus in shakhas including Scheduled castes. Scheduled caste boys coming from far off areas coming to town were even accommodated for nightly stay in brahmin homes. In RSS camps, we used to cook and eat together. My Tamil non-brahmin friends in USA who were very nice and loving to me as room mates also had complained about brahmins discriminating through comments or attitudes. So, they certainly deserved the anti-brahmin reactions from dravidian parties of Tamil Nadu.

Jai Hind,
Rama Krishnan
Phoenix, AZ

Rama Krishnan
12-Nov-2013 22:58 PM

Comment Silicon Valley in US has 70% of jobs taken by foreigners. IT industry has been created from nothing,besides knowing this, American people still cry that there jobs are taken by us. Dilusion. This is the same in case of the non Brahmins trying to blame every body about past. Brahmins blame that besides being so intelligent this country is incapable putting there knowledge and ability to use, so they go US, beside taking a front role in freedom struggle NonBrahmins only blame them for killing Gandhiji. Who created and inspired Gandhiji, Gokhale from Maharashtra. A Brahmin ! Does anybody say good thing or appreciate for Bramhin community in Tamil Nadu? No ...Who killed Gandhiji? Godse from Maharashtra! Why? Read his autobiography or YouTube. It was a personal dicision as proved in Supreme Court of India. What has Tamil Nadu, it's Brahmins and Non Brahmins to do with that? Why are you guys dancing without doing anything? Nobody's shit... But there are blame games played because if they don't confuse you, one day you will dream of becoming prime minister of India.

Brahmins are the community who suffered the same if not more,in 700 + 150 year England slavery. Ya but we still use English specially Tamils people. We don't mind working for British corporation. Reason money opportunity? Our minds are polluted by our ancesters. Whose minds by there ancestors. If we can forget Britishers deeds! then why not Bramhins? Bramhins should go to gyms and non Bramhins to library!

Jai Maharashtra
11-Nov-2013 15:28 PM

Comment Tamil Brahmins have not changed their attitude despite attacks from all around. Their cunningness, superiority complex, looking down upon others nature, greed to have everything and trying to dominate are the causes which make other community people hate entire Brahmin community.

19-Aug-2013 11:11 AM

Comment I am sattatha sri vaishnava bramen or non bramina tel me pls

16-Jun-2013 13:39 PM

Comment Boss!
Look at the reality. dont your see that in employment and industry so called tamil brahms are over and above their actual numbers (4%)? is it not correct that those who are more in population should normally occupy more positions in any democratic dispensation? besides pure rhetoric have the brahms faced any kind of discrimination considering the employment and their share in industry or other professions?


first stop showing off as brahms by speaking (artificially) in "aval", Ival" tongue.atlest in pubic. when you were in agraharam and all families are closly knit this may be justified. but in urban milieu which is melting pot of all tongues and cultures these show offs are only to show your superiority and others shamelessly trying to ape with awkward feeling to others and with our any self respect.

Mixed Marriages? It is norm in any urbanised settings. Most of you people migrated to urban centres this is bound to happen and this process is long overdue. After all marriage happens between two humans and not between humans and apes. or do you think only brahms are humans? do clarify.

AND last not the least,
Tamil is among the most versatile languages and be proud of your being a tamil first. all other things your caste, religion et al shall come and go. Not all brahmin communities have dominated a society like yours.see other states only the dominant communities play major role in educational and economic activities and brahms played second fiddle. You are TAMIL BRAHMS and tamil is etched in your psyche whether you like it or not.

28-May-2013 10:44 AM

Comment ya cho ramasamy was grate legend and sujatha and grazzy

baranitharan iyyengar
10-May-2013 12:54 PM

Comment I happen to go through the article and comments thereof from many readers. Basically it is the question of thriving and surviving among the competitors and this aspects is widely prevalent in all communities right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. When education and knowledge is the criteria to further the interests in all walks of life, Brahmins some how or other up in the ladder mainly due to the non-competitiveness from other communities. Unfortunately, this trend was and is in existence. Will any non-brahmin who is rich literally sound willing to have alliance of the same caste who are poor and illiterate? Stray incidents cannot be a yardstick to measure such alienation. The politicians for their own survival keep on castigating Brahmins as their enemies. Cinema also plays an important role for their anti-brahmin propagation. Present day world wants only meritorious people and not on caste line.

R Ganesan
27-Apr-2013 07:25 AM

Comment Hi,

I am a non-brahmin. I have two friends. One is a brahmin. thE OTHER IS QUESTIONABLE. But still, I feel inferior. It sucks. tHey are cool. I am not. I eat meat like a savage. tHEY EAT VEGETABLES. I wish i could only eat vegetables. and their sambar is better than mine. And kamal hassan is legit. So don't hate. Brothers. From other non-brahmin mothers. Because we are the real losers. For being so dark. and nasty.

A Fellow Non-Brahmin
17-Mar-2013 22:07 PM

Comment I disagree with the thought that Tamil Brahmins are non supportive of each other. This apparent impression is due to the fact that Tamil Brahmins are 'Thinking' people and they seldom react emotionally. To illustrate, a Tamil Brahmin will look at an issue objectively before deciding to take appropriate action. It does not matter to him whether the people involved in a crisis are Brahmins or not. To him, the merits of the case only matters. That is why it is generally felt that a Tamil Brahmin is slow to support a fellow Brahmin because he is not swayed by emotions unlike other communities. that is why when Shankaracharya was arrested there was no large scale uprising in the community as it felt that nobody is above Law and that due process of Law should be obeyed and the Innocence shall be proved. I dont think any other community has that sort of maturity and patience. Tamil Brahmins firmly believe that Two Wrongs will not make a Right. But witness the sikh's anger for the invasion of Gurdwara. But sadly, the Tamil Brahmins solidarity to non violence has been taken to undue advantage by the other communities. Reservation had been hailed as the Great Leveller. But, it has only fractured the Society and today nobody is happy including the depressed classes. Economic Reservation would have made sense. There are only 2 divisions in the Society, the Haves and the Have-Nots. The aim should be to bridge this gap instead of artificially creating a castless society by implementing caste based reservation.

12-Feb-2013 05:48 AM

Comment Excellent Article. Very True - every word. Kamalahassan desrves this hit for Viswaroopam.

Salim Khan
02-Feb-2013 13:35 PM

Comment As a non Brahmin from Rajasthan I would further add Brahmins are opportunistic,whether its religion or begging they take advantage of every situation. So its for other communities to decide, "NEVER TRUST THEM". They never sacrificed in my lands, never ever sweat for the earning. They become humble, sit downside and start criticizing the hard working people in front of rulers, gain sympathy and earn livelihood, its the PAST. With Brits they learned ENGLISH, called themselves freedom fighters (only on fingures u can count such freedom fighters numbers). still got PrimeMinister Ship, 14 Chief Ministers in India, innumerable Civil Services Officers.....its called OPPORTUNISM. They are dead against RESERVATIONS, as if they are sons of Charles Darwin. or Newton. THEY KILLED MAHATMA GANDHI. They are RAWAN worshipping RAMA, for their livlihood. RAMA broke the Parshurama's Bow and Lakshmana simply told Parsuram to get lost. But NOW a days they eat non veg, drink wine and still raise their voice for COW protection. Its full advantage of Democracy and Religion. I m sure if required for Monetary gains they can eat COW also. MY HUMBLE REQUEST TO EVERY ONE ON OUR LAND, apart from Brahmins, WE ARE ONE AND ONLY ONE.

Ajaypal Singh
30-Jan-2013 07:42 AM

Comment It is true that when a community is insulted, the entire community would unite & stop this non sense. But tamil brahmins will not support their poor cousins. They divide the family on the basis of wealth.

Full of cheaters who would cheat the innocent siblings. I am the best example


sundara raman vs
03-Jan-2013 05:00 AM

Comment Globally the trend is all communities are merging. It is difficult to live alone sticking on to one language, caste, religion and traditions. Be Happy

Rajagopalan RamaSubramanian
21-Dec-2012 02:27 AM

Comment Are we still talking and thinking about caste? You shameless idiot

14-Dec-2012 13:54 PM

Comment whatever said is true. Social changes are happening every where. Even caste hindu girls only like dalit boys. Globalisation has created identity crisis every where. Tamils had migrated to South Africa during early 19th century. The great grand sons and daughters of these tamils now could not even speak in Tamil and they could not even understand what is caste. One day we fill find jharkhand and Bihari labourers ploughing tamil lands. These days are not far off. In those days politics(invasions) created intermixing of races. Now it is economics(globalisation) creates intermixing. You will be surpirsed to know in last three years more than 100 wealthy grooms of dominant caste in namakkal married kerala girls(bride shortage and refusal of the particular caste woman to marry men doing business).

03-Dec-2012 11:37 AM

Comment Well ! No doubut about the true saying of the facts which is depicted above, as a victim of Brahmin within Brahminism itself, I lived in Agraharam over 22 years during my yonger days, college, schools days, much about to say the plight of the poor brahmin, who are looked by the same caste people, when the family is down due to kala chakra, they are taken for a ride and worst then a slavery treatment, that is the reason, people get migrates to different parts of the world and settled, as I am staying in Bangalore, and overseas served.
Last but one, it is true that well educated Brahmin girls, perfer only NB's rather than available Brahmin, due to lust and SMS {Sex, Money, Social security), so on......

It is an eye opener topic, debtable one, unless they change their over all attitude, they nevery going to attain the past peak and recognition, and they will be isolated for ever.

Most of the tamil brahmin, preast in the villages or very badly affected and there is no 3 kala pooja in many siva and perumal temple, which I visit very ofter at Thanjur and Trichy during St, Thagarajar Music festival, which I never miss, even today.

Pl post more on the topic to correct themselve and come victories


17-Jul-2012 02:34 AM

Comment Though unfortunate, true.

Let us leave these perverts. I have seen lot of Brahmins ( a lot ) helping other brahmins in day to day activities, even in getting a job. We do have softcorner for brahmins. These craps are in limelight and got name because they abused the religion. There are other people too, who at least did not defame brahminism and still popular. Like Balakumaran. Just trying to see the positive side of it.

Looking at the level of common brahmin, they are respected if they adhere brahminism. Otherwise, all the NB get together and tell "I know a brahmin, he eats NV.". It is difficult to get birth as brahmins, now that we have it, why not adhere to the rules. What happiness we get by avoiding the rules,and letting other community guys talk about us.

One thing which nobody can deny: In any office, only brahmins support brahmins. Nobody else. And we will continue doing so.

16-Apr-2012 05:13 AM

Comment This is a good article to read and to assimilate the facts, however, bitter it is. Historically Jewish community is persecuted all over Europe and in particular Hitler´s ascension to power in Nazi Germany is a good example of how to identify a common enemy to progress and personal gains. What we see in Tamil Nadu is such formula was extended deliberately to sustain personal gains. These discriminatory patterns indecently applied to gather political, and cinema glitz and glamour in Tamil Nadu. No cure can be found until the basic mentality of ours change to recognize that are only sex distinction (Male and female) and class difference (Rich-poor and middle class. That is nature and rests are all mileage seekers for the personal gains attitude. There are moral slips in every community, and that is human nature to be greed and lust to make use of the situation provided to him or her, why pick and bait only Brahmins because they are hopeless minority in Tamil Nadu. We are all Indians and should be proud of that identity, uniting rather than dividing and fragmenting.

Naithirithi T Chellappa
15-Apr-2012 10:11 AM

Comment Fully Agree with Smitha.

A Malayalee will always stand by a malayalee, a telugu will stand by a telugu, a kannadiga will stand by another kannadiga, but barring a few exceptions, there are very few tamil brahmins who will support other brahmins - may be it is the crab mentality or frog mentality of pulling down others - one wonders the reason behind it.

As regards the priests, once greed has taken over them, there is very little scope for devotion. Agree that the priests have to also survive and may need support, but in that process they can't eschew the basic etiquette.

10-Apr-2012 22:24 PM

Comment The article is a fine one. But tell me 1 trhing - how many brahmins are really brahmins in the true sense of the word?

They consume non vegetarian food, drink & smoke. They lust after women. We came across a case recently of a temple gurukkal taking videos of himself with women devotess right next to the garbhaa graha on his cell phone.

Can anyting be more shameful?

If a brahmin follows the austere ways, non brahmins will look up to him & respect him.

That he has failed to do. The fault lies with him.

As for kamal haasan & others, they are porukis who are best ignored.

09-Apr-2012 04:37 AM

Comment I am not a Tamil Brahmin, belongs to kannada brahmin but whatever detailed above is true and correct. No one brahmin supporting in the office or anywhere

16-Feb-2012 13:10 PM

Comment absolutely true. wonderful article.

06-Sep-2011 03:04 AM

Comment You dont have to be in Tamilnadu to be successful. Tamil brahmins
have stood tall and are successful in all parts of the world!

29-Nov-2010 16:41 PM

Comment The answer to the reasons why this occurs is simple.
(1) Consider the case of Sherlock Holmes: Watson observes Holmes using drugs and begs him to stop. Holmes, in effect, replies that he has a tremendously sharp brain which is unable to exist without the world of solving complex criminal cases. Those who have such intelligence(i.e. Brahmins) MUST use it correctly in bhakti, dhyana, yoga, swadhyaya and social service etc, failing which the mind seeks other avenues.
(2) The power of suggestion: The Works of Ambedkar, EVR, their followers and the constant baiting by the ELM leave an indelible mark on most minds exposed to this onslaught. Such people react in peculiar ways: the Stockholm Syndrome in hostages definitely has an echo here.This effect is observable in Maharashtra also.Understand this, move away and move on.
(3) The story of Shiva, Parvati and Nandi is worth repeating here. The Divine couple walk alongside the bull and the public comments about their lack of enterprise in using the bull for transportation. The Couple climb onto the bull and the public talks about overloading the bull, whereupon Parvati dismounts. The public then talks of a strong husband using the bull rather than allowing his delicate wife to do so.Shiva dismounts and Parvati climbs onto the bull's back, whereupon the public talk about the lady not having respect for her husband, who walks behind the bull.. Finally, both Shiva and Parvati dismount and the status quo is restored. YOU ARE DAMNED IF YOU DO AND DAMNED IF YOU DON'T. Follow the ancient ways and disregard ephemeral "public" opinion.
Kamalahasan and family and their bizarre postures and opinions will not matter if you are rooted and act out of your own belief and conviction.
4) Lastly, every individual must have 5 important facts permanently in his/her life: A santh (or spiritual leader), a panth ( or established dharmic path), a mantra (or fomulaic statement), a kanth ( or personal God) and a granth (or established dharmic book).
One reading of the "Bhaja Govindam" will clarify the last point. The towering intellect of our last 3 acharyas is enough to guide us permanently.Hari Om!

17-Sep-2010 23:31 PM

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