It is an amazing sociological phenomenon that has taken place in the last 60 years of our independence. Prior to independence we had leaders steeped in simplicity, integrity and honesty both in personal and political life and the general population was honest. Within 60 years there has evolved a highly sophisticated and corrupt leadership although the general mass has remained by and large honest and law abiding.

How has this happened? How have such corrupt, insensitive and law-breaking political leaders replaced what was once a hallowed domain? How have they become immune to public criticism and court orders and become so selfish and self-centered? Is there something wrong in the soil of this country that converts an honest human being into a corrupt devil the moment he assumes power? Why do we feel helpless in this situation although we swell with anger and frustration at this seemingly hopeless situation?

Time surely has come now to act in a more definitive and assertive manner not only to speak out at the cancer of corruption of our leadership but to take thought out steps against this malady. These leaders have to go and the festering disease must be cured. No action means doomsday for all our future generations.

We need to unite our voice against corruption of our leaders, we need to demonstrate in a big way that we will not tolerate this any further, we need to threaten a peaceful revolution if the change towards honesty and integrity does not take place at the higher echelons of our government. We did not elect corrupt leaders; they have totally betrayed us by their unforgiveable behavior. We will not suffer this any further.

We need to demonstrate our anger by the “Gandhi Dandi March” against corruption in a big unified way at the seat of power that is Delhi. The educated honest intelligentsia and civil society from all corners of the country must participate in this demonstration to lend pressure and credibility to this movement. This influential section of society – lawyers, doctors, journalists, professionals, educationists, professors, retired judges and bureaucrats, social activists – all of them must shed their hesitation and come out in large numbers on the streets on the day of demonstration to make the leaders feel that we have had enough of their corrupt behavior. This section of civil society owes it to this country to provide the correct direction to our nation by speaking out against corruption in this manner. 

What better day to show this strength than on Gandhi’s martyrdom day, i.e. January 30, 2011. Let Delhi be filled up by a rainbow of people of this country where one slogan will be “Corrupt Leaders Must Go”. We need a full-scale replacement and we must hit hard our message since the political ears have become deaf and insensitive. Removal of corruption has to become a priority if our future generation is to survive in a cleaner, safer, egalitarian world.

We appeal to the conscience of the educated members of civil society to awaken and join this demonstration on January 30, 2011 at Delhi from all parts of the country.  


More by :  Prem Verma

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