A Perfect Solution

He was tired of being bullied. Not only was he small in stature, but he was peaceful in nature. So the big guys always gave him a cuff as he passed by, today they tripped him sending him sprawling.
He was in a dark mood as he headed home; he reached the old woman's house - a recluse; the house was unkempt and the growth of vines and weeds took over. He wasn't  paying attention to his surroundings, his anger must have shown. He heard a cackle coming from the direction of the house. He turned and met two very sharp eyes staring at him. "So you wish to make them stop; do vengeance on them so they will? Would you let me help you?"
He was at first speechless, then he croaked out, "yes, I would. They have gone too far this time. Not only have I been embarrassed, but I have got my glasses broken as well." 
The lady led him into her home. It was warm inside, it smelled of old age and decaying, but the underlying scent was of herbs and spices...He didn't know what to think of it.
Reggie was a clever boy, and he was not easily led, but there was a promise in her voice, she might have a solution to his problem...
"What may I call you miss?"
"Oh, smart boy, polite as may call me Mirabelle."
"I am glad to meet you Mirabelle. What do you have for me?"
"Well, I happen to have a very special spell for you; you have to be very sure you won't misuse it."
"Sure, I will use it with caution, but tell me, how am I to go about using it?"
She cackled as she shuffled about the room getting ingredients for her potion. She methodically added a pinch here and a pour there, she started the fire under her pot as she added liquids of red and green, purple and gold, she went about her task with a vengeance...all the while chanting, to conjure up a creature "just for him"; when she was done, she said, "you are to say, 'Appear oh ye great one' and your protector will appear to do your bidding."
He was excited, could hardly wait to use her magic. He never believed in black magic, nor was he into witches and potions.
What a surprise would he have for the bullies...they appeared as usual, ready to tease and pink on the “da sissy.”
Well, were they wrong when they did play mischief that day, he said, "Appear oh ye great one" and suddenly he heard a roar, smoke surrounded him, a dragon appeared, to do his bidding, he told it to take care of the bullies. They disappeared in a puff of smoke, never to be seen or heard of again. He used his friend wisely from that day on. He was never troubled by mischief makers again.  

Image (c) Steve A. Roberts   


More by :  Maria Reed-Shore

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