Count on Coconut (Cocos Nucifera)

Coconut is a large palm (30 mts tall) and member of Arecaceae family with binomial nomenclature as Cocos nucifera. Coconut is known as Naarikela in ayurveda. This plant is grown throughout the tropics. The fruit, flower and root of this plant are used as ingredients for many ayurvedic preparations. The texts of ayurveda explain the properties of this fruit as - “Coconut is sweet to taste and act as body coolant. It is unctuous and heavy to digest.”

Tender Coconut water

Tender coconut water has soothing effect on intestines. It can be administered to infants as a rehydrating solution. It is known as “krimighna” i.e. kills intestinal parasites. When given as a regular health drink to children, it promotes growth and supplies good nutrients. Tender coconut water helps to overcome irritation of bladder and helps in preventing urinary tract infections. Regular consumption of this water helps in easy flow of urine and flushes out small kidney stones. It can be smeared on irritated skin (due to sun burn, rashes, chicken pox etc) to get a cooling effect. Tender coconut water increases glow and fairness of skin. Hiccups and thirst get quickly subsided on consumption of tender coconut water.

Uses of Coconut flowers

Flowers are used in prevention of frequent bowel movements in diarrhea and dysentery. They help to normalize vitiated pitta and rakta (blood). Flowers help to reduce frequent urination.

Uses of Coconut Kernel (Coconut pulp)

Tender pulp cools the body and provides nourishment. It is very easy to digest and reduces acidity. Tender coconut pulp helps to boost body energy and strength.
Fully ripe pulp acts as a very good aphrodisiac (Vajikara). It is known to increase quality and quantity of semen. It is high in dietary fibers and cleanses the intestines.

Uses of Coconut Oil:

According to ayurveda coconut oil is mainly used to massage scalp. This increases hair growth and prevents dandruff and hair loss. Coconut oil accelerates healing of wounds and prevents diseases which arise due to dry skin.


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Comment 1. Is it Naarikela or Naalikera? The latter seems to be right which is what we use in Malayalam
2. Coconut is widely used by naturopaths for cardio-vascular treatment. It is believed to remove bloodclots, improves memory, keep joints in good condition. Taking half of a ripe coconut's pulp (pieces or grated) in empty stomach early morning keeps one healthy. Use only Coconut oil for cooking. Replacement of coconut oil with palmoline (sp right?) and sunflower oil has caused increase in cardio-vascular cases in Kerala. Salute the great palm which is deemed as the kalpavriksha by Malayalees.

18-Sep-2011 13:39 PM

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