Who is Headley's Godfather?

As far back as December 18 2009 this scribe wrote: “Circumstantial evidence suggests that Headley could have received logistic support from rogue official sources in America, Pakistan and India. In other words he may be more than a rogue double agent. He could be serving a rogue fifth column that aids terrorism and has penetrated governments in America, India and Pakistan.” [The Headley Riddle: Rogue or Tip of an Iceberg?]

As far as Pakistan is concerned its total subversion as Beijing's cat's paw requires no further proof. India's role  as a soft target of subversion became clear from the curious episode of 26/11 that continues to remain unexplained. It may be recalled that FBI had specifically warned Indian authorities about an impending attack from sea against the hotels that were targeted, including the Taj and Trident hotels. Security ordered at these hotels was inexplicably lifted before the attack. Ominously enough on the very day that the attacks took place, India’s top security agencies, including Intelligence Bureau and the Special Protection Group, had cleared Dr Manmohan Singh’s engagement at the Trident Hotel that was one of the hotels specified by FBI. Mr MK Narayan who was the National Security Adviser was quietly removed from his post and made Governor. There is no way of knowing whether the decision had anything to do with the scandalous security lapse. Had the agencies acted on the specific FBI warning 26/11 could have been averted. There is no public report of any official inquiry into this serious security lapse. Why?
With clouds of subversion hanging over India and Pakistan now there are revelations that indicate that America itself is horribly compromised. It transpires that David Coleman Headley's wife had tipped off the FBI in 2005, three years before 26/11, about her estranged husband's terrorist activities. In three interviews with federal agents, Headley's wife said he was an active militant in Lashkar-e-Taiba, had trained extensively in its Pakistani camps and had shopped for night vision goggles and other equipment.
And yet the FBI did not act! Its concern became evident from the number of warnings it gave to Indian authorities in 2008 about an impending terrorist attack from the sea. The Indian authorities did not act. That was bad enough. But was it any worse than FBI allowing Headley free movement despite being in possession of such damning information? FBI salvaged its  conscience by informing India. Why could it not act itself? Who was Headley's powerful Godfather that rendered FBI an impotent spectator?
This question cannot be brushed under the carpet. This question is not paranoid. It is a fair question that deserves to be answered squarely. If there are legitimate concerns about subversion at the highest levels of government in three countries the failure to address them renders the war against terrorism into a  farce.

Subversion is the biggest ally of the enemy. Transparency is the biggest weapon against the enemy. Will any government dare speak up?


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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Comment Thanks to its' presence and meddling in Iran, Iraq,Afghanistan and Pakistan, the USA must have known everything. It did not permit questioning of Headley initially, and later, permitted interrogation in USA on its' terms.
The use of Godhra to derail the presence of the Indian Army massed on Pak's border also must have been known to the US.
What the US has done is to float a trial balloon and watch Indian's reaction, being completely insulated from the events by the layers of operatives in between.
India capitulated because the Congress was/ is not capable of any initiative.
Various other events such as the Oklahoma bombing and the events of Waco, Texas have shown that the US will not spare even its' own people.

17-Oct-2010 23:05 PM

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