Seminar on 'Role of Force in Strategic Affairs'

National Defence College, New Delhi-Celebrating 50 years October 21-22, 2010
A sad experience 
On 21 October I  attended the seminar after its inauguration by the Indian president which I had missed. I was greatly disappointed to see the same usual suspects who masquerade as strategic experts in New Delhi seminar, lecture and cocktail circuit basically marketing western narrative as handed to these gentleman by western embassies specially US and earlier British. In any case many of the older military officers were trained by the British, though Soviet Union became prominent as a training place when India was refused arms unless we joined western alliances as subservient partners.
With almost two centuries of British colonial rule and brainwashing by the British, Indian military officers trained under the English the brainwashing still holds good and tuned to western theories, textbooks and teachers. 

The tired and fatigued Indian strategic experts repeated the old textbooks stories. One quoted Fukuyama and his end of history. Fukuyama had recanted soon after, but these gentleman had not progressed beyond the attention grabbing article and book.

Then he wrote on August 24, 2008 in Washington Post  "They Can Only Go So Far". The world's bullies are throwing their weight around. But history isn't on their side. He mentioned Putin and other opponents of USA. In fact it is US and UK which have bullied the world.

Worse was one Sir Laurence Freedman. His presentation was pure simple British western narrative. He said how the West had wanted to do a quick job and come out of Iraq. He is speaking truth like British PM Tony Blair.
What an inane assertion. This was too much for me. I mentioned Paul Wolfowitz, who said in Singapore a month after the illegal invasion that the war was for oil. It was confirmed two years ago by Ex Chairman US Fed reserve Alan Greenspan. Plans for Iraq invasion for its oil were ready even before G Bush was elected. But sir Freeman knows better then them. Readers and he might read my 50 articles written since Aug 2002, which have been translated into a dozen languages of the world including Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Turksih, Italian etc. Some of the articles were hosted by 100 websites. They have been quoted in articles and books by Graham Fuller, Tom Engelhardt,William Engdahl, Fredrick Starr and many others. 

How the US, UK etc have destroyed Mesopotamian civilization
Then Freedman brusquely said I was wrong that he is conducting an enquiry on Iraq war. It is called Chilcot enquiry of which he is a member. I went up to him and told him that most British enquires and commissions are whitewash.
At lunch many of those who attended the seminar came and said to me I was right and Freedman was brusque.  

I had written in February 2010 a piece on Chilcot Iraq Inquiry; Another British Whitewash of 2003 Illegal Invasion. [Tony Blair Continues to Lie Still!] of which Inquiry Sir Freedman is a member. It is sad that a critically important institute like NDC, which trains the top future leadership of India and many other countries is being subjected to Tony Blair like half truths and worse.


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