FBI complicity in Pak ISI’s 26/11 Mumbai Rape

Who needs Enemies with Friends like Washington? 

Mr. Ambassador, you cannot trust Americans on even what they give you in writing”, a Turkish Deputy Prime Minister to the author. ”
India disappointed that the name of David Headley was not provided (by US), if not pre-26/11 at least post 26/11”, Indian Home Secretary GK Pillai, (Headley visited India in March 2009 New Delhi could have nabbed him. [Is Indian worm turning?]
In any case with 70% of allies war material for Afghanistan being sent up from the Karachi port, the place crawling with FBI and other agents, US has unmatched control over communications in the region. So to believe that US did not have precise details of preparations and even departure of ISI trained terrorists is foolhardy. The revelations by Headley only confirm the author’s suspicions held since 2611, which damaged India’s reputation and brand equity, much to Beijing’s delight.
Here is another example. US led West had supported Iraq's long war in 1980s against Khomeini's Iran, with the US granting loans to Baghdad worth billions of dollars. A few days before the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on August 2, 1990, US Ambassador April Glaspie told Saddam Hussein in Baghdad that his dispute with Kuwait was a bilateral Arab affair. Something similar was said by the State department the next day, thus giving green signal to Saddam to ‘resolve the bilateral dispute.’  The rest is history with a litany of lies. The author was posted at Amman (1989-92) with only Jordan’s border open to Iraq with the country crawling with media and others. The details of Ambassador Glaspie‘s talk with Saddam Hussein and the green signal was published by Baghdad. This was never clearly refuted by the US and Ambassador Glaspie disappeared from view.
Soon ally Riyadh too was misled by doctored evidence of Saddam's military intentions to invade Saudi Arabia while Iraq’s forces were in a defensive posture. After the liberation of Kuwait, i.e. promoting US interests in the region, Washington made Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other allies pay through the nose, costing over $150 billion. 
There is a litany of such examples how Washington will mislead and even deceive friends and allies. You do not need testimony from FBI agent David Goldman Headley’s scorned and estranged 27 years old Moroccan wife Faiza Outalha who was told to "Get lost" by the US officials in Islamabad when she told him a year before 26/11 that Headley was planning a terror attack in India with the help of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

"I told them, he's either a terrorist, or he's working for you," she recalled claiming that she showed them photos of Headley and her stay, twice, at the Taj Mahal Hotel (confirmed by hotel records). 

A senior US official confirmed Outalha's meeting but gave no details of her warnings. In a statement, National Security Council spokesman Mike Hammer stonewalled that "The United States regularly provided threat information to Indian officials in 2008 before the attacks in Mumbai.
"Had we known about the timing and other specifics related to the Mumbai attacks, we would have immediately shared those details with the government of India," Hammer added.

The revelations came after a recent report by ProPublica followed by New York Times and The Washington Post that the FBI had been warned about Headley’s terrorist ties a year before the Mumbai attacks. It was pointed out that "despite those warnings by two of his three wives, Headley roamed far and wide on Lashkar's behalf." Despite a federal inquiry into the tip, Headley spent the next four years doing terrorist reconnaissance around the world. Between 2006 and 2009, he came on five spying missions to Mumbai, one after 26/11 scouting targets for the attack by Lashkar that killed 166 people, including six Americans.
Headley was arrested 11 months after 26/11 rape of Mumbai for three full days in world media glare. 
West Stirred-up Muslims Terrorize Mumbai    
Mumbai Terror Attacks Expose India's Chronic Systemic Security Weakness

Our not so intelligent Intelligence Agencies
I will comment on the role of National Security Advisor another time. But to appoint a policeman from Intelligence Bureau (IB) was a disaster as proved by 2611. Some years ago IB’s chief of counter-intelligence was forced to resign for getting entangled into a honey trap.
The situation in RAW (so appropriately named) is even worse. It has no accountability or any political overseeing. Reportedly it has become Family Inc., with nephews and other relations being quietly recruited. It was reported that one RAW chief had transferred discretionary funds to his son’s business in USA. It is alleged that quite often when RAW officers in Indian Missions hand over they leave a note behind that his local contact is not willing to work with his successor. In fact there are few contacts and the discretionary funds are quietly mis-appropriated. Quite a few senior Raw officers have just gone over to America. In any case CIA is in many cases like their handlers. Many of Raw’s Kaoboys have fallen victims to honey traps. One Raw chief in mid 1980s said in my hearing that he could make LTTE chief Prabhakaran do his bidding. The rest is history ending in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.
As for their understanding of international events, fed by western material and well paid seminars etc., many writing on international affairs had written in 2003-04 that like Iraq, Syria and Iran would also be taken care of by Washington. Iran’s proxy nationalist Hezbollah in Lebanon defeated the famed Israeli commandos and destroyed their invincible Tanks in south Lebanon in 2006 war, a fact admitted by an Israeli Commission of enquiry headed by a judge after the war. With acting Iraqi PM Maliki begging for support in Tehran and Qom , it is Iran which will call the shots in Baghdad.
Will there be an overhaul of IB and Raw, rooted in Western outlook and trained and almost run by CIA, MIV and now their latest idol Mossad. Unlikely but fatal for India looking at their performance so far.
India’s Somnath Syndrome
“ ... Mahmood reached Somnath in the middle of January, 1025, and found there a strongly defended fortress on the seashore. The Hindus, who assembled on the ramparts of the fort, were passing their time in merrymaking, fondly believing that Somnath had drawn the Muslims there only to annihilate them for the sins they had committed in demolishing idols elsewhere. Their morale was high even though their leader had fled away in cowardice with his family to a neighboring island. The following day the Sultan began the assault ... Next day ... the brave resistance offered by Hindus was of no avail ... Bands of Hindus in succession entered the temple to pray with all their hearts for victory, and then coming out of it rushed against their enemies, only to be killed. In this way more than 50,000 Hindus sacrificed their lives to defend the honor of their deity. The Sultan made a triumphal entry into the temple, broke down the Shivalinga into pieces and took possession of vast wealth. The temple was then razed to the ground. The fragments of Shivalinga were – serving as steps at the gate of Jami mosque (in Gazni) ... ”
- Page 20, The Struggle for Empire, The History and Culture of the Indian people, Volume five (1966), Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bombay. Ed. K.M. Munshi
“Throughout Indian history many Indian rulers and its elites have remained fascinated with the idea that a supernatural power would save them. Now they believe that a super power would come to their rescue and resolve their problems. Why take hard decisions or say bitter truths.
“So after 11 September, like those assembled on the  ramparts of the Somnath fortress , Indian policy makers, analysts, media pundits and politicians went on an orgy of celebrations. 'We had told you so.' Now that the infernal terrorists had attacked New York and Washington, the center of supreme power on the earth, USA would rescue India too. With open support from Pakistan, terrorists had been hitting India in Jammu and Kashmir or where ever they want to. Now that they had attacked the sole super power in the universe, Lord George Bush would decimate them and India would be saved. After all India and USA were the biggest and the richest democracies and terrorists were now their common enemies, so went the argument. [It still remain much the same now]
“So without much thought or weighing pros and cons, Indian leadership went overboard and even offered India as the frontline state against terrorism in Afghanistan (and Pakistan.) [This wish has been fulfilled now]. Perhaps all intelligence material was passed on to USA, without much in return Pakistan continues with its short sighted policy of cutting the nose to spite the face i.e. India. It was the US and Saudi Arabia and CIA and ISI trained Jihadis in 1980s that had stunned the world by attacking Trade towers and the Pentagon. -  From India’s Somnath syndrome – K.Gajendra Singh, 28 December, 2002, Bucharest 
The Kashmir Issue; Its Creation and Exploitation by the West
Kashmir has been very much in the news in recent months specially with its stone throwing youth and children , whose case has been taken up by Arundhati Roy, with great liking for media attention and Geelani, a Kashmiri hardcore, who would have been summarily dealt with in most countries specially in Muslim countries. Stone throwing began as part of Intifada in Gaza in 1987 and takes place in Kurdish regions of Turkey too, where it is suppressed with a heavy hand with long prison sentences to even school children.

What does India media know about Gaza?

Palestine on its anniversary Jordan TV used to telecast, available in Occupied Palestine, Israel and the region, Attenborough’s film Gandhi perhaps to exhort that Intifada be kept non-violent and the PLO movement be not divided, or the Kurdish problem in Turkey, where till 1986, a Kurd was called a mountain Turk and still cannot use mother tongue Kurdish in education etc. Are they not inter-related at least in stone throwing. But as I maintain our media remains info-challenged, celebrity and trivia obsessed with recycling of the same suspects masquerading as experts on TV channels.
There are major terror attacks in Kashmir organized from the Pakistan side, whenever a senior US official visits India i.e. Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush in the past, to highlight and attract attention and keep the pot boiling with Western help.
Agreed, that India is a highly corrupt and coercive state, which a policeman and a soldier joins by paying bribes (2 to 5 lakhs for policeman) whose repression should be condemned whether in JK, north East or Maoists belt .But the repression is not much less than in US and UK .Let Muslims raise voice against crimes of US and UK in Arab/Muslim lands or blacks against their maltreatment in USA. (Just look at the percentage of Blacks in US prisons)
Let us look around the Islamic world where many on religious basis support Pak on JK .In Cyprus, 18 percent Turkish Cypriot Muslims, recognized as an independent state only by Turkey, has occupied nearly 40 percent of its territory under Turkish guns since 1974. They cannot live with Christian Greek Cypriots, and want a separate state, while almost 50 percent Christian Lebanese who want a state of their own are denied one. Coptic Christians in Egypt, with the same percentage as Muslims in India, remain oppressed and persecuted. Christian Sudanese in the south of the country are bombed and killed. Christians from Lebanon, Sudan, Egypt and elsewhere have to lump it. There are innumerable such tragic and sad examples all over the Islamic world. Throughout history, Christian and other minorities in Islamic states have been generally oppressed, persecuted and eliminated, beginning with the Jews of Medina in the 7th century.

London partitioned Hindustan in 1947 to create a weak and a reliant on the West Pakistan to protect Western oil wells in the Middle East from USSR (it is based  on Whitehall documents). Also to allow no link between India and central Asia even via Afghanistan (Wakkan corridor), because India under Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru would not join any Western alliance against the Communist bloc, Then London and later Washington went out of their way to openly and covertly support Pakistan in its aggression in Kashmir and later in UN, where a naïve New Delhi went complaining against Pakistani aggression. Kashmir is crucial for India’s strategic defense from where many rivers of Hindustan originate .It shall remain part of India. Period. India should tell the world clearly. Yes, Kashmiris can have more autonomy and move freely into ‘Azad Kashmir’ (Some Azadi –ruled by a junior official from Islamabad. Does West or China say anything about it?)
Since 1948 , UK and USA and later China too joined ,have used the Kashmir question to keep New Delhi off balance , tied down to the subcontinent raising it or threatening to raise the Kashmir issue .(Pakistan and its officials are well paid by the West and China to keep yelling at India ). Likes of Ms. Roy with her international reach, audience and perspective might consider raising her voice against China in Tibet and Xinjiang. Has Geelani and his ilk ever protested against US, UK and Europe for their crimes in Gaza and Palestine or Turkey or against Uighurs , who also want Azadi since other Turkic people have got it in central Asia from communist hegemony . If China raises the Arunachal case and gives stapled passport, why our media not highlight suppression of Uighurs voice in Xinjiang and of oppressed Tibetans.
London and Washington have extracted concessions by underplaying or threatening to raise JK issue as one Turkish PM told an Indian Minister that it is a problem one should learn live with as Ankara does with the Kurdish problem (Korea, Kurdish and Turkic lands and umpteen peoples in Africa remain divided)
The West keeps the pot boiling like the then British Foreign Minister David Milliband suggesting last year on Indian soil that Kashmir issue be resolved to stop terror attacks on India from Pakistan. He should have been escorted out by the ears. Such statements provide oxygen to separatists. Indian media should have gone after him .Why should Indian media not raise the question of north Ireland when London raises Kashmir. The Catholics in Ireland would prefer independence or join adjoining Catholic Ireland. The problem of Ireland is still the problem of decolonization as is of faraway Falklands next door to Argentina and is really Malvinas.
Barring a few I think very poorly of most of our ill-informed journalists in India , who are lazy and do not go beyond propaganda by western corporate media .One Barkha Dutt on NDTV was still interviewing the criminal US poodle lying ex-PM Tony Blair. Like Pinochet he should be arrested and charged .He could be one day.
As for the Kashmiri Pandits why are they not fighting for their land and rights in Kashmir as Palestinians are doing against Israel occupation? Brahmins have kept Hindu polity obscurantist and divided on caste based identity with thriving feudal times killer Khaps and are at the core of the many ills of the Indian polity. 
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, 19th cent German philosopher , inspired by Plato's Utopia aka Republic , in turn inspired the evil genius and 20th  Century political philosopher Leo  Strauss (1899-1973)., at whose feet sat the influential Neo-Cons and Zeo-cons, had  stated that the Christian love and piety was an outcome of fear. The fear of the strongly built neighbor or the fear of a criminal from a policeman! Is Hindu’s timidity out of fear or inferiority complex against Whites!

Nietzsche believed that it was not possible that a man could genuinely feel universal love, perhaps because of his self-created halo of a 'noble' man. That was perhaps meant for two combatants or knights matching their valor on level ground, not like F-16 bombers against kids armed with slingshots or rudimentary guns.

Would Nietzsche have called the bombers 'noble'!

The noble martial combat was over after the second siege of Vienna in late 16th century, when high tech killing started taking over from Janissaries valor. The final result now is the complete takeover of the US by consumerist Military Industry complex, which gobbles up as much in 'defense' expenditure as the rest of the world put together, of which the generals and soldiers are consumers paid for by the people of America and now of the world with an iniquitous economic order where in US just prints greenbacks. US power has morphed into world financed-techno-barbarian brute.

In his book on what Bertrand Russell calls history of Western Philosophy (West has generally produced linear thought, its real philosophers are ridiculed) he quotes from Shakespeare's King Lear, on the verge of madness

"I will do such things –
What they are yet I know not – but they shall be
The terror of the earth.
(Exactly what the top US leadership has achieved and threatens doing more of the same.)

This is Nietzsche's philosophy in nutshell. Russell says there are two sorts of saints, saints by nature and saints by fear. The first have spontaneous love of mankind. Because to do so gives him happiness and the second, a frightened man afraid of fear. (Western leaders like Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney, and Tony Blair would fit the bill)

The use of deception and manipulation in current US policies flow directly from the doctrines of Leo Strauss. His disciples including Paul Wolfowitz and other Neo-conservatives had driven much of the political agenda of the Bush administration. Obama led by banksters and military-industry complex is following more or less the same political agenda and policy.   


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Comment Three months ago, I commented about this on this very website, under Subhash Kapila' s blog. The remarks were not published. With your article, I have a very real sense of deja vu!
The more I read the political statements of Kautilya, the more I wonder at the depth of his vision!

30-Oct-2010 13:17 PM

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