Holi in Hong Kong

Five years ago, I landed in Hong Kong – Jana tha Japan Pahunch gaye China samaj gaye na. Different cultures, different people everything different from India. As the month of Holi was coming closure I started missing India and home very much. One day before Holi I almost cried. Thank God one of my colleagues invited me for dinner at his home. 

It was Holi dinner of course!!! Everybody was nicely dressed up with costly Indian outfits.  For a moment I wondered how we are going to use colors on their dresses and what is going to be with this nice silk carpet of the host!!  After a very nice and grand dinner we sat down and started remembering our old days playing Holi in India. Suddenly one lady started throwing talcum powder on us! I was surprised and could not understand what was happening.  However I recollected myself and joined with her. And in few minutes everyone joined us.

We used powder of different scents and the whole room was full of powders and perfumes. Everyone was looking completely white— white hair, white face white clothes. For one hour or so we forgot that we were in Hong Kong and we felt as if we were in India.  That was my shortest Holi but I still remember the fun which I had. The idea of using powder for Gulal was great indigenous idea and it has become a tradition for our Holi in Hong Kong.   


More by :  Rajesh Sharma

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