My First Holi

It was 1969. I was a bachelor staying with three other friends in an apartment in Pune Cantonment. This building had mostly Sindhi and Punjabi tenants full of Holi enthusiasm and we were all South Indians and as you know Holi is not celebrated in the South.

This particular Holi started like any other day. Being a holiday we all had our breakfast and were taking it easy. There was a knock on the door. It happened to be me that opened the door. My neighbor was standing there with his wife behind. She had a bucket in her hand. I said " Hello, happy Holi". Before I finished the sentence a blast of pink colored water hit my face; I was almost thrown back and that pretty lady was having a nice laugh. 

Peals of laughter like temple bells followed. Then I found there were more in line - Sindhi girls staying above our apartment. By this time my friends came to the door and they got the same treatment. After that it was a free for all. It was a nice welcome to the building and the ice had been broken. The married couple next door served us lots of sweets and piping hot tea. We made very nice friends that day. 


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