A Moment Away from Life

  Its been a long time
Since I told you what you mean to me
Or, I wonder, did I ever talk to you and did I ever listen ?
The burden of being, the struggle for survival,
have they made me forget you ?
Your heart is heavy with worry, and is mine
But that glow on your face,
the sparkle in your eyes makes it all worthwhile.
Did I ever tell you that ?

Under this dark starry sky, on this cold and quiet sand, lets take a moment,
Lets wait a while
I know there are people behind, there is duty ahead ,
I know there's this to be done and that

Lets just sit here, and you tell me what you indeed want to be
And I'll tell you what I have done and haven't
Maybe we'll never get there, maybe we will
Let it not be that we never knew what the other wished ...

You could tell me a story from that time long ago
And we would really truly laugh
I will sing that song for you
That song where it rains, it pours and the grass grows green.

You see those shadows far away
They all will soon be here,
Our dear moments of solitude together
Will soon melt away, lets talk, you and I
Before life takes over again ... 


More by :  Jaideep Mujumdar

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