A Mute Audience

Rains might restrict normal activity
But not some unforeseen necessity.
So when the weather is inclement
And the hours are in waiting spent
I, like my kin the cart-pulling cattle
Which chew the cud when lying idle,
Ruminate on all the words I've heard-
Quite a lot of news unwittingly shared.
Many a human drama enacted behind my back
Makes me a mute audience in my steady track.

Children no longer recite nursery rhymes,
They're computer whizkids of modern times.
Older students are always tense
Their urge to reach goals is intense.
Lovers find the world rosy,
Everything as perfect as it can be.
Married couples are a bickering lot,
Many a score to settle have they got.
Elders wear a worried look,
Today's lenience they can't brook.

Banters in lighter vein, 
Groans of age and pain,
Tirades of dissatisfaction,
Gossip and political faction,
Ravings about smart performers,
Reproaches for wrong-doers,
Drunkards' philosophies,
Aspiring poets' ecstasies-
I've heard them all with my ears,
Sobered and grew wiser over the years.


More by :  Pavalamani Pragasam

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