A Son ...


Mother and 'son' played –

With the dying rays of the afternoon sun,
With the harmless waves on the sandy shore.
An oceanic zephyr conspire in their ears, as they ran –
Touch and go…catch me if you can!

Peels of laughter- sound of music
Gurgle of waves the background score
Wet footprints on the sands of time
Hurriedly erased by the waters ashore

Emotions perfume the air around
Blissful pain, it fills my soul
The distant palm sways to the wind
A 'Laughter's' resonance continues to roll

What is love and what it yields?
Equations of life unbalanced remain
Woman and child though a universe form –
Still voids of life clog my brain.

Lady in white, in holy matrimony
Years ago a journey begun,
But the birth of love washed away
As nature's fury hath its say

The search goes on, the emotions flow
Like waters of the bay from distant lands
With open arms she smiles in pain
Spreading her love…

And I stare at her with the sun on my back
Mother's love for a boy unknown-
As nature stole our love from us,
But giveth many for love to reckon. 


More by :  Rina Basu

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