A Tale of Two Images


Image One

The weather is ever so fair
For such a wonderful pair
Their bike lies at their feet
Sharing a bliss so sweet
The peace they feel is absolute
A welcome break on the route
Though they are sitting here apart
Their twined souls never do part
A discreet distance in between
So no ego clash can intervene
Their gaze on the road ahead is single
In their calm no mundane cares mingle
Lost in thoughts happy and serene
In perfect harmony with the scene
Behold here the same distinct gravitation
Betwixt distant moon and earth in motion
Love’s arithmetic here doth unfold
Added and undivided joys untold
Finding their choice perfectly right
Their inner souls are glowing bright
Days and nights filled with pleasure
Their memories stored as a treasure
Rejoicing in the deep love to the core
They realize they shall for evermore
The scene has a silken texture
Oh! An ethereal bliss in picture
Rested wheels shall get up fit
Braving all odds that might hit

Image Two

Togetherness marked by isolation
The very air filled with desolation
The bike lying abandoned doth bespeak
The spark of love that’s growing weak
Near they are to each other
Far yet from being together
In the inches of gap found here lie
Miles of differences refusing to die
Vacant eyes looking with empty stare
No more do they for each other care
Not fond enough are they to touch
Neither care they remorse to couch
They are like meteorite rocks flying away
That must but die as embers on their way
Their joys multiplied some months ago
That doubling magic has become a zero
Noiseless speak their inner voice
Bitter and sore about their choice
Bleak days dawning with burnt roast
End in nights with no glint to boast
Each mind races on a different track
Ruefully at its course looking back
A frame of hushed tragic gloom
Where cheer doth dread to bloom
More weary miles for the wheels to go
The riders wearing no smiles to show


More by :  Pavalamani Pragasam

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