Age of the Sage

  I have decided to follow the path of detachment,
Not searched for family, or any attachments.
If I want to contemplate and discern,
It should not be everyone’s concern.

One who has renounced worldly pleasures,
Has to meditate, and seek spiritual treasures.
What we do with our time and solitude,
Is not your business, so why this attitude?

Keeping pace with modern ages,
Cannot be denied to us sages.
If the extraterrestrial (ET) can phone home,
Why can’t I talk to God, on the cell phone?

It is written in the Vedas and the scriptures,
Inhaling ganja leads to ecstasy and raptures.
If smoking gave them all such a high,
Why this pleasure, to us, now you deny?

Eating venison was also common,
Even during of a religious sermon.
If it wasn’t taboo then, to eat meat,
Why can’t we be given the same treat?

The ancient sages even consumed spirits,
They drank soma, and knew of its merits.
If even the venerated gurus gave into temptation,
Why is that, for us, drinking spirits is abomination?

Even one who has taken the vow,
Can succumb and can easily bow,
To luxury, and the pleasure of being cushy,
For distractions are too many, even for a Rishi.

I know I am not a true saint,
That is only the picture I paint.
I am really a fraud, conman by profession,
Now, to you, I am making my confession,

I am not looking for ganja or soma,
But, only a cigarette, and its aroma.
Resisting all the temptations in the modern age,
Certainly is not easy, even for a renowned sage.


More by :  Dr. Neria H. Hebbar

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