Agony of a Lonely Son

  Tears wet my pillows,
Sobs break the silence,
When this forsaken mind reverts back
To the buried memories of yester years.

Lonely I am now,
Weeping in silence
Over the lost innocence
Over those happy days
That were bright and lovely,
Bloomed by the tender love,
The love of my beloved mother.

Where am I now?
A grown up man,
Lost in the city rustles-
Struggling with the vicissitudes
Of the harsh, intricate life;
Miles and miles away
From my beloved mother.

O Mom, I miss you!
Your sweet, gentle smile
As lustrous as a string of pearls,
That wiped away all my sorrows
That created a fountain of joy
In the green garden of my heart

O Mom, I miss you!
Your soft and thoughtful words
That gave me hopes to live
That poured as a rain
In the deserted mind of mine
Your loving caresses,
Your warm and gentle embraces
That ensured my forlorn mind
That I am not alone in this world
All just a pile of dreams now.

O Mom, I cherish that lovely day
The day you fulfilled my wish,
To be with the rushing waves,
To enjoy the whistling breeze
When you stood there smiling,
Casting your lean shadow-
Across the plunging sand
Stretching your hands to embrace me
How my heart throbbed with happiness!

O Mom! I miss you!
How I wish you to be here!
To be with me in my solitude,
To shower me with your love
How I long to be back in your arms,
And to relive those days!

My soul writhes in pain and agony
For want of your love!
Here am I! Clasp me to your bosom,
Let me feel its warmth once again!
Let me cling on to you once again,
Just as the waves embrace the shore;
Let me be with you always and forever! 


More by :  Jyothi Lakshmi

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