Back in Your Life

  I promised myself,
I will never come to back to you
Not a day passed
Without thinking of you
Wherever I went
Whatever I did
Your thought was there all the time.
I did try to get in
Touch with you
But I feared
I feared that you may not want me anymore
Would blame me for the pains and tears I gave you
Somehow we got in touch and
Slowly everything started
One again.
>From where we left or
A new beginning.
I was back in your life
You are back in my life.
You will my day, take away my blue moods
And bring back smile on my face
I want to love you more
Give you more, give whatever you gave me
All with love.
Being away from you
I realized the value of our friendship
I can't part away from you.
I want to love more
More deeply
Want to show you have a special place
In my heart.


More by :  Sarita S

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