Your Adult Culture

  Through these glasses, when viewed,
Your world certainly appears skewed.
My curiosity being up to the brim,
I see your world clearly through the rim.

The adult world does not appear attractive,
When seen through my young perspective,
Staying here, I can be more circumspective,
And avoid your world; avoid its dangerous invective.

You rightly show kindness to the downtrodden,
Yet, at your own home, neglect the elder bedridden.
With neighbors you put on a show of tolerance,
But to people of other races, you show abhorrence.

You are critical of humans causing death and casualty,
Yet, your judges casually deal the death penalty!
The fringe regimes destroy, and maim,
But all you do is show concern and exclaim!

To even stray cats and dogs you show mercy,
To humans, you fail to extend the same courtesy!
Crime and sexual innuendo are rampant on your television,
And the children watch unrestricted, without supervision.

You are going on a diet, as your midriff is thick,
But, you hide the spoon, of the ice cream you lick,
In being judgmental, you are very quick,
Ah! The hypocrisy, with your tongue so slick

I know I have the glasses upside down,
To keep them on I have to strain and frown.
Even then, all I see are disdain and no constraint
On acts of malice, dispensed with no restraint.

I would like you to take these spectacles back,
I’ll take them later, when your world is on the right track.
In fact, I will watch from afar and not distract,
While, you change your culture and clean up your act.


More by :  Dr. Neria H. Hebbar

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