You, I'll Greet

  Those mile long walks
In the warm sunshine
There was a time
When u were mine.

In the most gentle tone
You would ask me in a line
�My dear honey,
Can u please be mine?�

You would give me a call
And we would talk till nine
You would ask me �tell me if something
With me is not fine.�

To answer your questions,
Was never an easy job.
As I always cared for u
I never wanted u to sob.

Many days passed
And months went by
But u were still there
With hopes quite high.

The cards and the gifts,
All hanks and the pranks,
You said you loved to give me,
Just for the way I said �Thanks�

Those days spent together
Walking down near the sea
The way u would never miss
The chance to stare at me.

There were many more things
That u loved to do
There r many more things
That somehow remind me of u.

Now years have passed
Since we�ve known each other
But its quite surprising
Actually just few months we�ve been together.

You�re busy with your own life,
With hardly any time to spare,
Sometimes I really ask myself,
�Why on earth do I still care??�

Now after years I think,
Its kind of true to say,
That you�ve turned your life,
In a quite different way.

You show the world that u hate me
Which in reality isn�t true,
For what the real truth is,
Is known just by me and you.

You say its this harsh world
That forces u to be what you�re not,
And makes u feel suffocated,
As though in chains u r caught.

I wouldn�t want u to suffer
And thus I decide to move away.
To love me or not to love me,
I leave on u at the end of the day.

Its true I never expressed
The way I felt for u
But one day may be I will,
Till then those expressions r due.

But as u move on with your life,
Never give up hope and do not fear,
Coz anytime if u ever need me,
Just close your eyes and you�ll find me near.

I wish we reunite in heaven where,
For eternity our spirits will meet.
Hoping you�ll keep me in your heart till then
As at the doors of heaven, You I�ll Greet.


More by :  Ila Pravin

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