Winds of Change

  'Time' stood still when the universe was first excavated
Then a mild and gentle roar could be heard
The sands of time were firmly moving
In what one could term as 'timely living'.

Creatures big and small
Rushed to the Sand Wall
Evolved with every bang
Lived to tell their story which they sang.

Of all shapes & sizes
from one-celled beings to multiple -wises
Complex human beings were evolved
from ancestors like the chimpanzees that they mauled.

And then what happened to that human- being
His greed and wants ever increased
His materialistic desires tore him apart
He moved further & further into the future
Thinking and assuring himself of his rich past.

But, one man stood firm and committed
He called himself the 'ambassador of God'
He said, he was here, to assure a smooth transition
To remind 'Man' of his true and honest presence
To lead him to his ultimate goal
That ever moving excellence pole.

Man moved even faster
His discoveries and inventions would never last
Today this, tomorrow that,
He rushed to become a 'Master'

The world it seemed was becoming smaller
A global village or a shaking mirage
The 'ambassador' thought to himself
What should I do?
Just stand and stare
for, more people I should meet
Or else, God's wish I will not complete.

He took the pen and wrote a letter
and then, he next sat, in a jet with a jitter
Send e-mails to his devotees
told them to spread the knowledge through committees.

What did you say, 'You cannot hear me?"
I am speaking to you through a mike
The fees of which they have recently hiked
They call this a land - line telephone
Next, they say you can chat
You can put on your ear-o-phones
Oh! Please do not moan.

Time is moving very fast
The world is too vast
I should use a cellular
A mobile or a modular
To reach out to millions across
To spread the 'Word' and my thoughts
to be available forever & ever.

What's wrong, I pondered
For man always wondered
Times have changed, We should move with time
Familiar words - a mix and then a re-mix
The show should go on, in any form
Or else, the world would stop
And fall like a raindrop
To remain there, forever, until it is absorbed again, by Mother Nature
Of which we are caricatures.

Hence, we have to move with the 'Winds of change"
With a future Vision & a long range
For Man knows not what he wants
But if he so desires he can re-assure himself by saying
"Times have changed, Please move with Time."


More by :  Shobha Ramesh

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