Whispers From the Past


As I walked through the garden … 
time seemed to stroll with me
My imagination took wings and I flew with it.. 
Not towards tomorrow
But towards yesterday.. 
The yesterday where you and me were one
One like sun and rays.. 
One like song and its rhythms, one like body and soul
I went back to the moment where we were one song, 
one rhythm and one melody..

A tear trickled from my eye and disappeared on my lips
Yet another fell on my palm.. 
The sea of emotions just over surged I guess
I slowed down as the scent of the spring flowers intoxicated me
I held on to it.. 
Like the memory of our long ago first kiss
I had to let it go.. 
Just the way I had let you go back then..

As I looked at each flower.. 
I could see you in each petal and me in each color..
Each flower held a different memory.. 
Each memory as precious to me as every flower to the gardener.. 
And I could see a whole landscape of them.. 
As I cherished each memory of us in each petal.. 
Each flower.. Each leaf.. I had a garden of memories..

A bird chirped in the distance.. Softly.. Very softly.. 
and reminded me of the first time that we whispered the three magic words..
I heard them again on this day.. 
In this spring season like each year as it brought back.. 

The familiar and never forgotten 
'Whispers from the past'


More by :  Bijal Dwivedi Mehta

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