The splendor of natural beauty is unparalleled and equal to none
At Vrindaban, the holy place where many visitors have gone!
True spirit of inner love brightly glows here at every inch of dust,
And teaches sacrifice with devotion to God slows down the lust!
Radha Rani and Krishna Moorti will churn any sight
To revolt against mental war that we constantly fight!
Serenity and peace blend nicely and prevail so well
Away from the city life, our thoughts begin to swell!
The philosophy of Divine Love hidden well in the human souls,
Is the mantra at Vrindaban, to reach and cherish our goals!
Kalindi River and Radha Kunda too, trigger many dreams
When minds start to sink swiftly in quiet winding streams!
To achieve the inner peace, "materials" are not the source
'Cause they pollute our mind and provoke the brutal force!

In a nutshell, and without any hesitation, now I love to tell
That this ashram is a marvel and resembles the Divine Cell!
Swamijee's grace wraps the hearts like the river flows
And guides our inner darkness 'cause it always glows!
Today, for crossing the bridge of spiritual confusions and sway
Frequent visits to the holy Vrindaban will surely pave the way!!!


More by :  Hillol Ray

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