The rain splatters against the window pane
Her heart echoes the warmth of the hearth
Memories dance through her soul
As she relives again and again
The day she met her love
Two decades past
Her fingers itch to live gain
To feel again the joy, the pain
The mere ecstasy of her life
Picking up a brush
She paints forth the story of her life. 
A clear picture emerges 
From a confused hesitant blob.
Bold straight strokes follow
As she settles in her role
All hues of her life
Drying on paper
Love laughter grief passion 
All mix and merge in
Myriad of colors
Each distinct each separate yet ........ 
forming part of a distinguishable whole
In paper as in life
She lets her passion flow
She paints away with her heart
Each stroke speaking volumes
Giving it her inimitable style
Leaving in it her unmistakable stamp
She wears each role to perfection
Seeking new depths within herself
Anticipation marks her movements
As she waits for her beloved
And the rain splatters against windowpanes
A silent tread makes her heart turn
A tender smile of welcome lighting her face
She rushed forth to met her love
and blood rushes to her face in an endearing blush 
And then drains away ...
The smile turns in a shriek of horror
As she watches him collapse
mouthing the words �I love you honey�
He staggers and falls on the erect canvas
His blood adding final touch to her creation
He pulls her painting down with him
Her unabated delight away with him
he leaves her behind in stunned despair
As the rain splatters against the windowpane 


More by :  Smitha Abraham

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