Teardrops had fallen
and wrung my heart
dry. too weak to cry
sweat had trickled
down the feet and palms
hiding in the bulging
under the eye.
I had been dead three days
trembling at a doorknob
locking the masked one
only to face
the bandaged one
doorknob to doorknob
the night of a mind
searching the labyrinth
of a deadened heart
for life.
I had waited on the waves
to return my cry
combing the sand
sniffing your scent
among the putrefied
begging the fish
to vomit up a lock
of your hair, an eye
I had waited on the waves
to return my cry
I listened
my heart smiled:
"I know you!"
The bandages fell
my eyes saw you
I ran ahead of my arms
to embrace you
you are alive
Because you live I live
I wasn't ready
to see you die.  


More by :  Francis Masat

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