Tired are my feet and soul bruised
I walk carrying my bleeding heart in my hand.
My God is dead behind, and my friends blown apart.
My love is stabbed to death and my laughter broken to pieces
I hold my heart sometimes, and my head sometimes
I see nothing but river of blood before me
I talk nothing but call out your name aloud
Mother, Hold me again in your arms.
Sing me lullaby and caress me to sleep.
My Body is sieved with fire and my youth is burnt to ashes
Sky is red with fire and Earth with blood
My ears are dead with the cry so shrilling
Cry of tortured human and cry of dieing Earth.
Mother, I am running back to you
Hold me, Hold me again
Dress my wounds with your tears
And hold my hand in your tender hands
Its so dark around and I am scared
I see no Mercy, I see no God
I just see you there, ahead of me calling me with open arms
Hold me Mother. And let me take Birth again
Before I close my eyes to sleep forever. 


More by :  Anisa Chaudhary

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