Are you a part of fancy dress show ?
you belong to cell-phone culture and
just to keep all in confusion
you have put on makeup of a monk ?

Or on the contrary
you have been a monk till now ?

Till now you have been dispelling away
all tensions in smoke
whenever responsibilities of real life came to you
you just closed your eyes by saying
you have to do meditation and have to find truth !
and world is mortal , its just an illusion !
you never found your smoking as illusion
you always treated the peace of intoxication as real !
you always claimed
that you did not require any medium to talk to God
it has been just an act of closing your eyes
now what happened suddenly that
you became so Hi-Tech
Is it so that your illusions are going away and
at this juncture of age
you are realizing that
being in human body
you should face life as it comes
as not only sacrifice
but to live the life at its fullest
without any addiction with anything
is the meaning of spiritualism?


More by :  Rakesh Tyagi

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